AUGI posts June 2006 Wishlist Results

AutoCAD Wish List: June 2006 Results

from the AUGI blog (BLAUGI) :

1,246 members voted for their top 10 wishes from a list of almost 270 wishes submitted by your AUGI colleagues. I am very pleased to present the top 10 wishes from this latest voting cycle.
  1. Dimensions on the correct layer

  2. Valid Hatch Boundary Error

  3. Break symbol in dim lines

  4. Better insertion of word or excel files into AutoCAD

  5. Compare Drawings

  6. Draworder setting for layers

  7. 3D to 2D conversion tool

  8. Double click to open dimensions

  9. Create hatches

  10. Default Printer when opening drawing with unrecognized printer
You can continue to submit new wishes for the AutoCAD Wish List; the next voting cycle will begin in October. The results of all three voting cycles from this year (February, June and October) will be combined and submitted formally to Autodesk at AU in November in Las Vegas. You can see the full results of this voting cycle, and all the post voting cycles on the AutoCAD Product Community Wish List Page.

see the details of the wishes all in one location, with links back to their original augi.com forum discussions here on
Shaan Hurley's blog.


Adding SelectSimilar to Right-Click menu in 2005 and below

Adding SelectSimilar to the right-click menu in AutoCAD 2005:

In a previous post, I showed some code from Adam W, and now we're going to create an easy way to access that command.

First, I’ve got to find the ACAD.MNS file (run ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX to find = "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Autodesk\Autodesk Map 3D 2005\R16.1\enu\Support"
(I usually like to make a copy of this before I get started… just in case ).

We’ll be adding the new command under the ***POP502 section (this is the right-click menu that shows when objects are selected)

You can navigate to desired location in your .mns in Notepad by using C TRL+F (or Edit menu + Find) and typing in the section name.

Then enter the following code where you’d like the command inserted. I chose to place it under QSELECT’s entry:
ID_SelectSimilar [Select &Similar]selsim ^P

Save the file and restart AutoCAD.

Once you’ve selected an entity, you'll see your command in the right-click menu and you’ll have the instant ability to find all similar items without tedious picking (or figuring out the necessary options in QSELECT, which is also handy at times).

I know how to pick em: SelectSimilar routine

EDIT 4/6/2010: SelectSimilar has been present in vertical products such as AutoCAD Architecture, however, due to the popularity of this post, I'd like to note that in AutoCAD 2010, this command was included in a package of extra tools offered to subscription users, and in 2011, it is present in vanilla AutoCAD as a native command.

In MAP3D 2006 there is a tool, accessed by most via the right-click menu, called SelectSimilar.

Once you’ve selected an object(s), you use this command to add all other similar entities throughout the drawing to your selection set. (I believe this tool is also available in Architectural Desktop [ADT])

I’ve heard quite a buzz on the newsgroups from MAP users who’ve upgraded to 2007 and are disappointed to see that this command is no longer available in it’s current form. That made me upset, so I’d been keeping my eyes open to see if anyone had come up with a routine which will accomplish the same thing… even going so far as asking people if they knew what sorts of things a command like that would look at and could they write something up.

Well… I finally found that special someone who could help me! Adam Wuellner, whose acquaintance I made via the Autodesk Newsgroups. He has kindly allowed me permission to post his code here:
(edit: Adam updated his code, and I am posting the new in here 7/28/06)

;;; Select Similar
;;; (based on a command found in a few versions of AutoCAD)
;;; written by Adam Wuellner
;;; all rights released

;--------> MAIN ROUTINE
(defun c:selsim  (/ ss1 i ent filter_list type-layer filter sstemp)
  (if (not (setq ss1 (cadr (ssgetfirst))))
    (setq ss1 (ssget)))
  (setq i           0
        filter_list '())
  (repeat (sslength ss1)
    (setq ent (entget (ssname ss1 i))
          i   (1+ i))
    (setq type-layer (list (assoc 0 ent) (assoc 8 ent)))
    (if (not (member type-layer filter_list))
      (setq filter_list (cons type-layer filter_list))))
  (foreach filter  filter_list
    (princ (strcat "selecting all " (cdar filter) " entities on layer " (cdadr filter) "...\n"))
    (setq sstemp (ssget "X" filter))
    (setq ss1    (ss:union ss1 sstemp)
          sstemp nil))
  (sssetfirst nil ss1)

;--------> UNION
(defun ss:union  (ss1 ss2 / ename ss-smaller ss-larger c)
  (cond ((and ss1 ss2)
         (setq c 0)
         (if (< (sslength ss1) (sslength ss2))
           (setq ss-smaller ss1
                 ss-larger ss2)
           (setq ss-larger ss1
                 ss-smaller ss2))
         (while (< c (sslength ss-smaller))
           (setq ename (ssname ss-smaller c)
                 c     (1+ c))
           (if (not (ssmemb ename ss-larger))
             (ssadd ename ss-larger)))
        (ss1 ss1)
        (ss2 ss2)
        (t nil)))

I have used this with success in MAP2005 as well as 2006.

If you’re not sure how to use this code, here are the steps to take:

Copy the above code, paste into notepad, save as SelectSimilar.lsp into an appropriate location on your hard drive.

When in AutoCAD (whatever flavor) type APPLOAD at the command line, navigate to the .lsp file you’ve just created (while accessing APPLOAD look for the little briefcase icon, where you can set to have the routine load on startup).

Once the routine is loaded: select an object, then type ‘selsim’ to run.

Look for my next post on how to add this command to your right-click menu in AutoCAD 2005 and below.


Autodesk MAP3D 2007 Service Pack 2 Released

Alright, I heard we were still buggy even after the install of SP1 (I haven't installed yet), so I think everyone was waiting to hear about a second distribution. Well, here it is!

I'll go ahead and link to all of the updates currently available for this product...

Autodesk Map 3D 2007 Service Pack 2
Hotfix - Cut and Paste
Autodesk Map 3D 2007 Service Pack 1
Hotfix - Fatal Error During Save
Certified Hardware XML Database Update
Hotfix - Autodesk Activation Update

Here's the list for AutoCAD 2007
Hotfix - Cut and Paste
Updated Help Files (Czech only)
Hotfix - Fatal Error During Save
Certified Hardware XML Database Update
SAMreport-Lite Update
Hotfix - New Features Workshop Update
Hotfix - Autodesk Activation Update

Wow, and I've never heard of this product, but, I'll mention it because it looks neat...
Autodesk Motion Builder. From the product website: Take on the most demanding, high-volume animation projects with confidence. Create state-of-the-art animations in record time. Autodesk® MotionBuilder software offers a collection of real-time character-centric tools for tasks ranging from traditional key-framing to intensive motion capture editing. The MotionBuilder native Autodesk FBX® file format allows you to easily transfer assets to and from Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Autodesk® Maya® software products, and any other content creation package that supports FBX—making it a complementary package that can enhance any new or existing production pipeline. News MotionBuilder 7.5 Review: The FBX Converter Factor VFXWorld.com"Autodesk has done well with this upgrade. They have honored the half version upgrade by fixing bugs, implementing workflow enhancements all while avoiding sweeping changes. MotionBuilder continues to fill a niche that no other software matches. It will be very interesting to see what they cook up for the next release, more than likely a beefy full version upgrade. "


Build your own via the web!

What am I talking about?

Well, honestly, lots of things...

one of the more well-known of course, is the build-your-own shoe page on Nike's website. Here you can select a basic shoe style and dictate everything from which Nike symbol appears on the tongue, to what colour the airpocket in the sole is. And at a price fairly similar to what you'd pay in stores.

You can also design your own ring on the 'A Diamond is Forever' site.

While slightly different, but, with the same 'power to the end-user' spirit, Home Depot is tied in with a software called Big Hammer to design things like sheds.

Or you can design with legos! You use the software, upload your design and order your model from them.

You can custom make men's and women's swiss watches at 121time.

Well, forget buying things... just create your own items through cafepress and sell them to others.

You can even generate your own comic strip using online resources.

Another fun one is creating simple word search puzzles on Superkids.com.

Of course, there is also eMachineShop, where you can design your own part and have it manufactured and shipped to you!

or you can select models for your pneumatic system on SMCworld to help you design.

So, for us do-it-yourself'ers, we don't have to stop with hanging shingles... we can just fire up our internet browsers and build the world.

The coolest artist ever

After checking out a cool link posted by Robin Capper, I remembered my favorite artist, and how, when I'd finish classwork ahead of the other caddies-to-be, I would attempt to replicate his work in AutoCAD.

MC ESCHER. I have always been fascinated by his work. I could stare at any one of his drawings for hours at a time without getting bored. You can find the official website with information about mr. escher here: http://www.mcescher.com/ (you can also order prints and other collectibles featuring his artwork). Following is a snippet from his biography...

Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is one of the world's most famous graphic artists. His art is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, as can be seen on the many web sites on the internet.

He is most famous for his so-called impossible structures, such as Ascending and Descending, Relativity, his Transformation Prints, such as Metamorphosis I, Metamorphosis II and Metamorphosis III, Sky & Water I or Reptiles.

But he also made some wonderful, more realistic work during the time he lived and traveled in Italy.


Nifty Avatar Creation Site

after a thread on augi.com coffee without cad forum about caricatures, I thought it would be neat to have a created picture of myself.

I did a quick google search which turned up loads of sites, but, I really enjoyed this one (illustrator maker from abi-station.com. There were sooo many choices for every feature that I was really impressed. (lacking only in the area of curly hair))

here's what I came up with for myself:


Review: iPod to PC transfer

Review: Ipod to PC transfers

Since I got my new laptop, I wanted to backup my iTunes music library onto the hardrive. While examining the options in iTunes, I couldn't figure how to accomplish this. After a quick Google search, I discovered that I'm not blind, you really can't do this. I assume this is a licensing thing, or a piracy prevention-method.

In order to transfer your iPod music library to your PC, you'll need to download an application to handle things. There are evidently many options out there, but a great list can be found on About.com. Some of these programs will require you to purchase a license.

I'm trying an application called iPodRip. This is advertised as providing recovery of playlists and supports song information (including ratings, play count, last played, etc), viewing and copying of playlists. You can download an unrestricted trial copy (1.1mb d/l), and a full license is $14.95 . You'll be allowed 10 uses before activation is required (to the multi-lingual, if you work with them in translating iPodRip, they'll provide you with a license). (iTunes must be installed on your machine already).


St. Louis Metro Storm Update

Well, just felt like making another update about the storm. It's so odd that we're here in our nice powered home but so many things around us just aren't up and running. You should have seen the run on the one open gas station I passed on the way home. Not too easy to find ice and bottled water around here I've also heard. Some of the cities are making arrangements to have water primarily, but, also some food trucked in and distributed throughout affected neighborhoods. Many locations have instituted curfews.

Thank the Lord that the temperatures are to a more bearable level instead of what they were earlier in the week.
I read on the StLToday website that what had passed through the town where my Mom and Stepdad live wasn't a tornado afterall, just very strong winds. Approx. 50-80% of her town is without power as of the last report this morning. So, I'm still a little worried about my parents as I can't raise them on the landline or mom's cell, but, there are no deaths or serious injuries reported so I will try not to get too upset about the lack of contact. My Grandfather lives a little south of Mom, and even more of his town was damaged, but, again, personal injury reports on the news haven't got me concerned, and I know he's got my Aunts and cousins around. I look forward to when the lines of communication are fully open again though. :)

A spokesperson on the local news from Ameren UE (or electrical services provider in the region) says that the biggest gains in restoring power will be made today and Sunday, but, they likely won't reach 100% of service until Thursday. At last update, we had over 370,000 customers without power, at the height of each storm, it was well over half a million.

We're now currently at the restoration point we had reached after Wednesday's storm before Friday's storms knocked back out those customers and then some. Everyone there has been working long hours fixing things up. I also saw many people out cutting up trees and performing some general cleanup throughout their neighborhoods.

According to news outlets, there isn't a hotel room to be had within at least 60 miles, and all open restaurants are being flooded with patrons eager to have a proper meal. Since we've had power most of the time, we're able to prepare food and everything... ;) but, let me tell you, I'd prefer to eat out right now. Although I will resist the urge, I think, to track down an open restaurant and leave the spot I would have taken up to someone who doesn't have the option of cooking at home, as I do.

While there have been as few as half a dozen deaths in the region due to these storms, there have been many injuries from major to minor, and I'm sure there will continue to be new ones as cleanup continues. Why not take this as a reminder to go out and Donate Some Blood if you are able.


Never Rains But Pours

Well some of you might have seen on the news or read over the ap-wire that St. Louis has been declared a disaster ( ;) all cultural jests aside from the coasts, please)... the National Guard came in sometime overnight last night to help check on residents without power and to transport them to cooling stations set up all over the area, with plans to set up additional locations (these efforts are also being facilitated by the fire department and area volunteers). If you're in the affected area and you *do* have power, don't get out driving around, because in addition to the stoplights being out, you'll encounter long lines at the few gas/petrol stations still operating. Do call to your local restaurants, some of them have brought in generators to power themselves and it could be a welcome relief from heat and canned goods. Take a walk through your neighborhood (weather permitting) to check on any elderly residents or those living alone to see if they need water, food or cooling down.

Food Safety: (after losing electricity)
Remember, 4-6 hours without power, throw out your refrigerated meats and dairy products, to conserve the temperature don't open doors or quickly as possible.
Frozen foods tend to be good for a couple days if you keep the door shut.
Keeping Cool:
If you've been cooling with a/c and lose power, keep your doors and windows closed for about 6-8 hours, at which point the cool will have dissipated and you'll want to open doors and windows for airflow.

Hopefully this most recent system moving through will mean the end of the triple-digit temperatures.

My sister is alright, but, we're still waiting to hear from Mom after the last round of storms right after lunch today, so I hope everyone is ok... heard a friend in Fairview lost part of his roof, but he and his wife are alright and that's the most important thing.


The role of FM in delivering the 2012 Olympic Games to London

click link to access entire article (may require free registration)

The role of FM in delivering the 2012 Olympic Games to London (article from UK periodical FMWorld)

The immediate challenge is to build and deliver world-class event and transport facilities that will be able to cope with the influx that the games will bring, as well as securing a legacy for the years after the games have packed up and moved on.
With an estimated £2 million being spent every day between 2007 and 2012 and with more than 6,000 construction staff at its peak, facilities managers will feel the full weight of responsibility for ensuring that everything and everyone is ready when the doors swing open and the Games come to town.


You might have noticed...

You might have noticed that the name on my profile changed!

Well, that is because I was lucky enough to get married last weekend. I'd like to take us on a little trip back in time...

When we met in person for the first time: AU 2004... look on the lower right-hand corner at the CWC group... Mike and I are the ones goofing off.

What led to our meeting: AU 2001... I went to the AUGI annual meeting and joined up in the exhibit hall right afterwards. When I got back home, I joined the guilds.

When we got engaged: Spring 2005... Lynn broke the news after taking the AUGI board out to dinner and hearing what was up.

Word Spread: wildfire couldn't go faster...

Public Confirmation: Well... a public statement was made to address the rumours flying about on various CADdie websites and email lists, to confirm the engagement, but, to clarify that we were *not* getting hitched at AU. Lynn was kind enough to post a follow up... I'm still curious as to who actually had pictures of us ~nervous~.

The past year has been rather busy for us, and we had to spend our first Valentine's day apart.


Sunday July the 2nd: I joined Mike in California... and we were married in the presence a handful of our augi friends in a gorgeous park by the water.

So, pictures are posted and more pictures are posted, friends have congratulated, and two lives are joined into one.


Very Valuable Variable: DRAGMODE

from autocad help:

DRAGMODE controls the display of objects being dragged. When Drag mode is on, the image of an object is displayed as you drag it to another position. With some computer configurations, dragging can be time-consuming. Use DRAGMODE to suppress dragging.

0 - Does not display an outline of the object as you drag it
1 - Displays the outline of the object as you drag it only if you enter drag on the command line after selecting the object to drag
2 - Auto; always displays an outline of the object as you drag it


California is Beautiful

Of course, having spent a great deal of my time here growing up, I already knew that... I just thought I'd rub it in for those who aren't enjoying it right now. ;) Yesterday, the augi first lady (aka the lovely Mrs. Binning) escorted me around to some lovely scenic parks and overlooks. We did a little bit of hiking... and then a little shopping. We also visited the Frank Lloyd Wright building here in Marin County.

Wow. Just Wow. The building is just MASSIVE but, still sort of close and cozy inside. A memorable experience.

My other half is still working right now, so, I'm to keep myself out of trouble for a couple of hours, then we've had scheduled a pairing. And, to my suprise, that doesn't include the picking of any me-shaped fruit. I don't know the name or location of the vineyard, but, I know I'm in good hands, so, no worries.

There were some fireworks here last night in an a park adjacent to our hotel, but, we were having dinner and didn't actually see them.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and a lovely 4th.