Gateway AUG Fall Announcements

Well, as usual, my messages are bouncing, so I'll copy this quarter's announcements here for those in whose spam bims I am forever lost. ;)

Dear GAUG Member,

I hope those who made it to our March meeting at Vatterott Technical College in Sunset Hills enjoyed the Overview of AutoCAD 2008 features, as well as the General Tips and Tricks Session.


We also had some very stimulating conversation on BIM in June at the Masonry Institute on Big Bend. I know I normally attach meeting handouts on the following emailing, but, I was so caught up in the conversation that I didn’t really take very good notes. We discussed everything from who should pay for the model and who should have access to it after building, as well as ‘lowest common denominator’ file formats for archiving, how easy or hard it is to train and retain and upgrade and convert. Tomislav Zigo sort of led the group, and he showed a few slides roughly defining BIM, and listing different BIM software programs. ‘Thanks’ to him and Rudy Beuc for putting that gathering together. And ‘Thanks’ to Seiler Instrument, as always, for their financial support of our meeting refreshments. It is much appreciated.

This is one last reminder of the meeting we’ve all been looking forward to for the last 12 months… the pre-CAD Camp gathering!






This is a free meeting, with food provided by the joint reseller sponsors (Seiler, Hagerman and D3) and presentations by the out of town instructors. As per our norm, we do not allow selling by presenters, but, you can pick up contact information from tables they’ll have set up. Anyone can show up, whether you’re a member of GAUG and SLAMSUG or not, so feel free to bring friends.

Remember that you can still register for CAD Camp, the one $179 day regional training event up until the 17th (Monday), for a full day or a half day of classes on the 18th (Tuesday). There were over 100 attendees last year, and I’ve heard we’ve far surpassed that for this year (fees are lower if you registered early).

Also remember that with that CAD Camp registration, you will receive a code entitling you to $150 of an Autodesk University registration. A week of training offered annually, allowing you to hand pick 13 advanced classes in your chosen field taught by the best instructors from around the world. www.autodesk.com/au

This year will see a repeat of the Local Chapter program, where, if we register at least 3 people from our group, we can be eligible to win a free AU Conference pass, which will be given away to a lucky member by an email drawing like last year.


So, I’ve already registered, all I need is information from at least two other registrants to send in our request for a free pass. If you’re already signed up, please send me the following information, which I will use only for the request for this free pass: name, email address, phone number that you registered with.

Remember that AutoCAD has just come out with a Service Pack fixing some irritating bugs, so make sure you’re up to date!


And don’t forget that October is AUGI Annual Salary Survey time! I hope that everyone enjoyed the improvements I made to last years magazine spread. I know that everyone loves to read the Salary Survey results to see how they stack up or which industries are paying the most these days, but, in order to provide this information, I need a lot of (totally anonymous to me) members to sign in and take a couple of minutes to participate in the survey. The survey is scheduled to be pushed live on October 1st, so please take the time to take it and mention it to your coworkers. Results will be published in the first issue of the free AUGIWorld Magazine of 2008. http://www.augi.com/surveys/default.asp?page=51 (to check out the results from all past salary surveys, you must log in)

Our next quarterly meeting will be in March, as we all tend to be so busy during fall and winter months that we don’t get together. Please check my blog and the Gateway AUG website for details, announcements and tips (you can even add the rss feed to the InfoCenter in AutoCAD 2008).

I’ll be happy to answer any questions about Gateway AUG, AUGI, Service Packs, Autodesk University training, the Salary Survey, etc… BUT, I must warn you, the moment that CAD Camp is over, I’m on vacation for two weeks, so I won’t promise a response anytime in the next three weeks.

Thank you!

Melanie Perry Gateway AUG - President AUGI - Salary Survey Manager, ACAD Community Chair AutoCAD and ACAD LT 2008 Bible - Contributing Writer Applying AutoCAD 2008 - Technical Editor


St. Louis Meeting on the 17th, CAD Camp on the 18th

Joint Gateway AUG meeting with SLAMSUG on CAD Camp Eve.

Come one, come all... whether you're a member of the Mechanical User's Group, SLAMSUG, or the multi-disciplinary group, GAUG, or neither, come along for some free food, good presentations by world-renowned experts and fabulous networking opportunities with local designers.

The meeting will be held at the Orlando Gardens Banquet center Webster Groves location at 8352 Watson Rd. approximately one mile from Highway 44 and the Elm Ave. exit in General Grant Shopping Center.

Food and beverages will be provided by the meeting sponsors Seiler Instrument, Hagerman & D3.

Registration for the JOINT user group starts at 5:45 - 6:15

St. Louis Metro area User Group meeting starts at 6:15 pm


  • AUGI Update: 10 minutes
  • Each technical presentation will be 45 minutes
  • Total run time: 100 minutes or 1 hr - 40 minutes (can vary slightly)

AUGI Update - Matt Murphy Learn about the new and existing programs and initiatives that AUGI is working on to support the user community.

AutoCAD 2008 Annotation Scaling: Intelligent Text -David Cohn Annotation Scaling lets you create text, dimensions, hatch patterns, blocks and other annotation objects that automatically change their size and placement to match the scale of the viewport. See how easy it is to apply annotation properties and create annotative styles. The new annotation scaling tools can save you hours of time previously spent calculating scale factors and creating, editing and managing drawing annotations at multiple scales.

AutoCAD 2008 Productivity Secrets Nobody Told You about Dynamic Blocks and Palettes - Matt Murphy Who has time to build all new Blocks? Can you really be more productive using Palettes? In this presentation you'll learn the "three-click" method to making your existing Blocks into Dynamic Blocks. You'll also learn the secrets to managing Dynamic Blocks as well as the untold techniques to control the roll-up display of all AutoCAD Palettes. Gain instant productivity with techniques you can apply immediately to your AutoCAD projects.


Women in Design at Lewis and Clark

I've been chatting recently with an instructor at Lewis and Clark Community college over in Illinois. Joel Hall is a member of my Autodesk User Group, and is starting a networking group for Women in Design in the Drafting program at his facility.

Last Thursday was the first meeting, and Joel invited me along to introduce me to some of the female students and women in industry (previous graduates from L&C), and have me say a few words about the Gateway AUG and AUGI and the value of networking.

It was quite the drive (during rush hour) from Jefferson County, Missouri, but, I wouldn't have missed the chance meet up with other 'minority' techies to let them know that they're certainly not the only ones out there.

So, as both a speaker, attendee and networker, this was a GREAT time. I enjoyed the other speakers and really loved meeting the super-talented ladies this program has produced.

I hope to add a photo to this posting at some point, but, for now, I'll just go over the agenda.

Joel and his lovely wife welcomed everyone, there were nice snacks and drinks, and some door prizes to give away.

Mary Hales spoke about additional programs and classes that L&C has available to continue growth in the workplace, such as a business management certificate program, which prepares students for supervisory roles.

Previous graduate, Keturah Jordan, read a poem about how it feels to walk into class being the only girl and how things changed over time. It definitely expressed feelings all of us could identify with.

Shane Callahan's presentation was not quite what I expected, but, it certainly added a lot to the presentation. He spoke about fitness for professionals.
Obviously this is important with rising obesity rates in this country for women going into mostly sedentary design jobs. He touched on many things: ideal weight (body composition), law of energy balance, the fact that strength training can guard against osteoporosis. It was a great topic and provoked some discussion on how different disorders can affect your diet and exercise regime.
Two of the door prizes were fitness consultations with Shane.

And, I could kick myself for this, but... I didn't catch the name of the next person. One of the women in industry was asked to come up and give a Revit Architecture demo while Joel Hall was discussing BIM. Evidently they'll be getting Revit MEP soon, and will begin to instruct on that. Joel says he can't keep up with demand for Revit-product-trained students from the local design community.

That's awesome.

And, the best part of these learning events is always the networking afterwards. You can stay around all night trading favorite resources, lecturing the instructor about not having his FREE subscription to AUGIWorld magazine, trading workplaces experiences and reactions, etc.

It was almost midnight before I got home after my long drive back, but, it was worth a little lost sleep.

Why not chat with some of your college (and high school) drafting and design instructors and see how you can become involved in speaking to, networking with, educating and/or mentoring up and coming technical students?

Oh, and don't forget about the upcoming Gateway AUG/SLAMSUG User Group meeting the night before the St. Louis AUGI CAD Camp (that's only two weeks away!). I'll be sending out an email to the group sometime soon reminding them about registration and the AU discount if you do attend CAD Camp.
If you can't make it, pass it on to a friend anyway. Everyone is welcome to the User Group meeting whether they're members of either group or not.