How do you Erase?

The last team that I joined, I was asked to review their tutorials for common tasks and one of the things that I noted was that users were instructed to DELETE <ENTER> objects. 

When my coworkers would present, some of them would type ERASE <ENTER> and others would type E <ENTER> or click the Erase button on the Modify tab of the Ribbon.

Personally, I prefer to use the right-click menu or by using the Delete button on the keyboard.

I recorded a video to demonstrate different ways to erase an object, including through the Quad cursor menu. 

Nothing here is really earth-shattering, we all know how to delete objects in a CAD program. 

But it would be a good idea to sit down with your team and see if the way that they call common commands could be updated to be more efficient, or if you might want to update your training documents to save folks a few keystrokes.

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