Smart Museum - Digital Twin at The Wright Museum

Last year, my team at R.O.I. Consulting Group was fortunate enough to be able to work on a great project with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History as an IoT sensor partner (though I also like to think our experience with digital twin and facilities management issues and platforms came into play as well).

You may have heard about them from Autodesk University 2023, Operationalizing a Smart Museum: An Owner's Journey to Digital Twin. This talk was recorded and the slides and handout are available for download, and you get to learn about how they are creating the next generation Green museum.

We primarily worked with their Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), Leslie Tom, and their Exhibit Designer, Korzell Coe. They have a lot of really interesting initiatives that their model and sensors will be the base for, and a big team behind them making the vision that they expressed become reality.

I have been meaning to share their AU presentation, and unfortunately had not gotten around to that yet... but what more perfect time than today? They've been working with Autodesk on a highlight video of their project and it just went live! 

Having worked in facilities for over 20 years, it is SO important for us to hear from the Owner / Operators of these campuses directly, what they are actually doing, the problems they are solving. Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Consulting firms should not be trying to push technologies that facility engineers and space planners and energy managers do not need. It is a waste of effort on both sides and can lead to a lot of dissatisfaction of unmet expectations. So, really understanding where these owners comes from allows you as a service provider to recommend and provide something useful and wanted that solves the problems the building owner has, and brings them back to you as a trusted adviser and partner.

READ AND WATCH on the Autodesk website

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This video not only shows their beautiful facility, but explains their goals and some of the documentation issues they've had in the past, and how they moved past that and recreated record drawings for their facilities management and future planning needs, as well as to connect to sensors.

The video is only 4 minutes long, so please watch, BUT also I encourage you to carve out some time to read the article beneath it, as it delves into more of their drivers, the roi, sustainability, environmental and cultural awareness, historical artifact preservation, and much more!