Last post from the apartment-dweller

Well, the past... I don't know, couple of years and then some... I've been living the relatively anchor-free life of an apartment-dweller.

It's had it's ups and downs, believe me. Prior to my last move, I'd thought about buying a small house within the city limits (near where I am right now), so that all of these monthly payments wouldn't be 'wasted'.

But, I'm glad that I didn't. The housing market today is quite a bit less... robust than it was 2 1/2 - 3 years ago when I was looking.

Life in this apartment has been relatively quiet... lots of older couples on our street, with a church to one side of us.

But, no painting walls... no aerobics on the thin, wooden floors, no counterspace or enough electrical outlets in the kitchen. ~shrug~

Tomorrow, we move from our spacious one-bedroom (two, if you count the living room, where the little guy has his bedroom) apartment, to a slightly-smaller-roomed 3 bedroom house out in the county.

I do love the huge high-ceilings and very large rooms with gorgeous old 120 year old wood trim everywhere! THIS is what St. Louis is all about in these lovely older brick homes...

But, I will certainly enjoy our home in the burbs. Ty will be starting school soon, and I've been planning since before he was born to flee the troubled school districts of the city. While I love St. Louis, I can't make my son live that loyalty, I am happy that we can provide him better alternatives for education.

We met one of our neighbors today, and she was super-nice. The family who sold us our home left us a lovely notecard saying what a great neighborhood this is and how they hope that we'll be as happy there as they were. Very sweet. (They're moving out of state for the husband's job)

So, this will be the last blog post from me here in our apartment... as I sit here at the kitchen table with my laptop, I think how nice it will be to have some proper office space that doesn't interfere with eating.

I'll have to get on DH to get him to put our (matching... awww) desks together as soon as possible.

Oh yes, and I believe we financed an entire year's operating budget for our new local Lowe's store. :-) ~crying at burned hole in pocket~

I'm excited to be out in the burbs, even though I'll miss the city a little. Of course, since I still work in the city (until I find a way to let my boss allow me to telecommute 4 days a week ~shifty~ ~not holding my breath~), I suppose the missing won't be too painful.

We'll even be downtown celebrating my sister's 29th birthday this week, as is our custom.

So, we've had our confirmations from the utility companies, the appliance deliveries, the moving company and one of the furniture deliveries. So, we'll see if the last furniture company will get off their tushie and call us first thing in the morning to let us know when they'll be delivering our bedroom set and kitchen table.

It promises to be a loooooong weekend.

I will be logging back on soon from our new home. I might take a photo of my new workspace and post it, just to brag about my spacious desk and built-in bookshelves. ;)

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend as much as I'll be enjoying mine.