What version of AutoCAD are you currently using?

This month AUGI is running a poll on the homepage, there are still a few more days left to take part, so please go to www.augi.com and cast your vote.

The survey is over on the right-hand column, below the Quick Links.

You can see the results of last month's poll in HotNews.
Please feel free to chime in, no matter what flavor of AutoCAD you're using... vanilla, LT, electrical, mechanical, architecture, mep...

Please pick the primary version you/your company is currently using. We'd really like to know.

I'll be adding a little bit of commentary on the article with the numeric results, and I'd love to quote you! Please add a comment below (or shoot me an email) with a quick reason for the version you are using. For example:

We're using 2012 (MEP) because we only have 3 seats in-house and work with a lot of outside files, so it is just simpler to keep on the current release. - Melanie Perry, facilities management

We're using 2005 (vanilla) because we use an add-on software that hasn't been updated to work on a newer version of AutoCAD. - Joe Schmoe, ABC HVAC

Thank you for your participation!