FMDesktop: Will it live?

There have been a lot of questions, conjecture and rumors suddenly flying around about the ultimate fate of the FMDesktop suite (Autodesk's somewhat recently acquired CAFM/CMMS solution).

Of course, there has been no 'official' word or press release confirming the demise of the product or the declaration of what might replace it 'if' it goes the way of the dodo.
But, believe me, if I come across anything definite and confirm-able, I will post about it here.

However, if you'd like to see where I first heard the rumor and read some of the user, reseller, developer commentary, you could always check out this thread, "What's going on? No more FM Desktop?"

Alright, finally formal word on the FMDesktop Suite appears on Autodesk's website confirming they will no longer be selling FMD (although existing subscriptions will be valid until 01/31/2010).
I do encourage folks to follow my link above to the 'No more FM Desktop' thread, to see what some folks have said about FMD and other products.
If I hear anything else that I can share, I will post about it here on my blog.

Gauging the Economic Impact with CAD Managers

Obviously there has been quite a bit going on in the economy since the last AUGI Salary Survey and CAD Manager Survey were taken in 2008.

Robert Green has decided to do a quick update on his survey in order to see how folks have been affected.

If you haven't already, please pop over and take two minutes to fill out the CAD Manager Survey Update, reporting how your company is faring in this economy. He'll post the results in the next CAD Manager's Newsletter.

(I don't currently have any plans to conduct the AUGI Salary Survey early, it is scheduled to run in the fall, as it was last year. If you have any questions or suggestions as to questions you think I should add, please feel free to contact me after reading the current list of questions in the FAQ)


Webcast & Meeting in St. Louis Tonight

Tonight is the first quarterly meeting of the Gateway Autodesk Users Group for 2009!

When: 18th February- Wednesday - from 6 to 8:30 pm
Where: Clayco, Inc., 2199 Innerbelt Business Center Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63114. (google map)
What: "BIM as a communication, coordination and analysis tool using Revit MEP, Greenbuilding Studio, Ecotech, Navisworks" by Jason Steele, Autodesk
What else: Pizza and Drinks – sponsored by Seiler Instrument

If you *can't* make it in person (although we'd really love you to stop by and bring a friend, and don't worry about being stuck in traffic, we'll happily accept latecomers!) I will be setting up a Webcast! This is my first one, so I hope the sound and video are going to be sufficient for the space (I'm showing up early so I can tweak if necessary).
If you can catch the webcast live, I'll be monitoring the chat window for questions and will try to relay them to the presenter as appropriate. If you can't catch it live, I'll be recording it and you can access it through the same link as the live webcast.


BIM Managers connect like CAD Managers

I've been an avid reader of CAD Management forums for years, and I currently moderate in that area on the AUGI Forums. They're a goldmine of information and experienced perspective.

As I have mentioned in previous posts here, and in the AUGI Salary Survey, BIM Managers are becoming more and more common as firms continue to embrace and expand the use of Revit and similar products. They're dealing with a whole new set of problems, in addition to the typical management and education considerations that CAD Managers have been dealing with for years.

I just wanted to let folks know that there is a BIM Management forum on AUGI now, too. For those folks to share ideas and ask questions and point out their favorite resources to one another. For now, since there isn't much traffic, BIM Standards are also being discussed in this and other forums as well, but, if those conversations became very numerous, I'd be happy to see to the creation of a BIM Standards forum.

This is partly a selfish announcement, because I'd love to see a lot more discussion going on in there. As an owner contemplating what standards we will have our contractors operate by, I want to see what those firms have to say about what's easy and what's hard within their own companies. It took me awhile to strike that balance in my CAD Standards between what I really need and what isn't too disruptive to the workflow of our contracted drafters and designers.

Feel free to visit any of the other discussion areas for CAD & BIM Managers on AUGI:
CAD Management general
BIM Management general

CAD Standards
AutoCAD Customization
Education (for educators)

Operating Systems


AutoCAD 2010 Launch - Quickie

I am blogging from San fransisco right now (from my iPhone, because the Hyatt has a lousy connection). I have to be brief on my phone.

Today 10 bloggers were brought to the official launch of Acad2010. We voiced our opinions on new features, hit and miss, to the people in charge of creating them.

I have been tweeting and posting pictures on twitpic all day, but, I do have two fully illustrated blog posts in the queue for when I've got computer Internet access. For now, you can check out a list of new features here:



I've been micro-blogging

Obviously I've been on hiatus from the blog while I was on Maternity leave with the newest addition to our family, but, I have been micro-blogging using Twitter. If you're on Twitter, tweeting about design, look me up and maybe we can follow one another.

It's a quick and easy way to trade links and post updates about everything.

When I'm tweeting about my AutoCAD/CAFM/BIM blog I'll be on:


I make personal and general tech updates at:


I'll be heading out to California tomorrow, look for my tweets at the first link to see what we're up to (hint: it has to do with AutoCAD). Look for some blog posts on the topic(s) after I return.


BIM Communication Coordination and Analysis - St. Louis Meeting

Here are the details of our next Gateway Autodesk User Group meeting

When: 18th February - Wednesday - from 6 to 8:00 pm

Where: Clayco, Inc., 2199 Innerbelt Business Center Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63114. (google map: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=2199+Inne...

What: "BIM as a communication, coordination and analysis tool using Revit MEP, Green building Studio, Ecotect, Navisworks" by Jason Steele, Autodesk

Food/Refreshments: Pizza and Drinks – sponsored by Seiler Instrument

You can RSVP here ( http://spreadsheets.google.com/embeddedform?key=plk51EgjXLX-aIdsJy1ucCg ) so that we can make arrangements for food and drinks.