BIM Managers connect like CAD Managers

I've been an avid reader of CAD Management forums for years, and I currently moderate in that area on the AUGI Forums. They're a goldmine of information and experienced perspective.

As I have mentioned in previous posts here, and in the AUGI Salary Survey, BIM Managers are becoming more and more common as firms continue to embrace and expand the use of Revit and similar products. They're dealing with a whole new set of problems, in addition to the typical management and education considerations that CAD Managers have been dealing with for years.

I just wanted to let folks know that there is a BIM Management forum on AUGI now, too. For those folks to share ideas and ask questions and point out their favorite resources to one another. For now, since there isn't much traffic, BIM Standards are also being discussed in this and other forums as well, but, if those conversations became very numerous, I'd be happy to see to the creation of a BIM Standards forum.

This is partly a selfish announcement, because I'd love to see a lot more discussion going on in there. As an owner contemplating what standards we will have our contractors operate by, I want to see what those firms have to say about what's easy and what's hard within their own companies. It took me awhile to strike that balance in my CAD Standards between what I really need and what isn't too disruptive to the workflow of our contracted drafters and designers.

Feel free to visit any of the other discussion areas for CAD & BIM Managers on AUGI:
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BIM Management general

CAD Standards
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