AU2014 General Session

While I always live-tweet events from my @MistresDorkness account, I take so long to edit notes that most of the time I never actually post blog articles at all, I'm terrible! But, a discussion today on the Facebook CAD Manager's group reminded me how much I enjoyed last year's Autodesk University main stage presentation.


Lynn Allen talked history, expanded AUs.

Innovation forums
Bldg, mfg, infra, viz, planning

AU mobile app, map, agenda, badges, connecting, checkin feeds to other social sites.
The Autodesk University app was really good in recent years, I used it a lot and made some new connections.

Fantastic opening sequence...

CTO Jeff Kowalksi
Technology improving on providing context, such as a gear knowing other parts it works with
Stop telling the computer that to do and start telling it what we need.

Generative design, mimics natures approach, starting with your goals, working through generations of ideas to reach the best solution.
Showed medical applications 

Planned obsolescence... When products are completed, they begin to die.
The idea of creating items that will engage with the world and change.
Sense, respond and collaborate.

Carl Bass (@carlbass)
Computers are the driving force in how the way we make things has changed.
The real world and digital world affect how we make things, technology is breaking down the barriers between the two.

Collaboration is not an afterthought, it will always be built into our products 
Collaboration across platforms
It should be natural and transparent, not an added task on top of your other priorities 

3d printing has a way to go
Spark - application- spark investment fund 100mil
Integrated software and hardware would simplify the process.
Ember now available for preorder (Autodesk 3d printer)

CNC is older tech, but, still valuable.

BIM 360
Digitization of building construction process

Emily Pilloton @ProjectHDesign
Exciting work teaching tech to kids.

Why are we building?
What are we building? Personal and community significance 
Who is creating and designing and building and leading? Anyone.
How do we use the skills and competence we've learned?

#au2014 "we have a responsibility..." to put these (design / construction) tools into any hands! http://t.co/WWz5ONQrI0