OT: Lord of the Rings punwar

If you've been here to my blog, you can identify two of my great loves fairly easily... Puns and Lord of the Rings.

Back in October, I posted a LOTR joke on Facebook (after it completely flopped at work), and, because I have the most awesome friends on the planet, it spiraled into the world's best punwar. I think it is worthy of preserving for posterity:

Melanie Stone: I sometimes forget I'm no longer surrounded by nerds.
A couple of my coworkers were complaining of being cold, and two others said they were warm.
When my opinion was solicited, I firmly stated that it was so hot in here, I just saw two hobbits walk past and throw a ring at me.

Jesse Dowling: Whatch' you talkin' bout Baggins's?

MS: Just making literary references, it's a bad hobbit of mine.

Chris Benner: No matter how hard I try, your pun humor simply dwarfs mine!

MS: You're so kind. I can't seem to help mys elf.

JD: Oh no you didn't! IT takes a lot of Goll-um... to start a pun war like that.

MS: Oh no I did ent?
Oh yes I did!

CB: you just keep dragon 'em out of nowhere...

MS: My bad sense of humor is the Oliphaunt in the room.
I am such a huge dorc.

JD: This could turn in to a real Eye-Saur-on this thread...

CB: you really should learn to con troll yourself.

MS: Singin Eoh, where's my Lego

JD: that really Stings.

MS: Nice earWormtongue, eh? Here's another:
If you like it then you shoulda put a GlamdRing on it!
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Daron Denton: One does not simply change the thermostat.

JD: It's getting so thick in here it's like Smaug.

DD: It's bad, for Shire.

MS: It's not that big of a bombadil.

DD: All this banter gives mithril. 

MS: It's not Faramie to be this witty, is it?

DD: Are you baggins for attention?

CB: Should we all take an Otho to stop?

DD: Don't tell me you're getting Sauron all these exchanges?!?!

CB: I'm just afraid if I go to far someone might Mordor me.

Jason Wagner: Haha.. Wait until its time for Tauntaun marker jokes!!

MS: You'll all orthanc me for this later.

CB: Yawn... this is starting to boromir me...

Steve Bennett: The Hobbit: Decimation of Language.

MS: Aryagorn to stop reading now?

CB: ... was looking for a way to use that one!

MS: Shoulda kept looking. As you know, not all those who wander are lost.

SB: I'll only stop reading if you have one pun to bind them all.

CB: I've heard that somewhere... ah well, the road goes ever on...

MS: My eyes are starting to tirith with laughter.

DD: Well, now that Samwiseguy defiled this beautiful masterpiece with StarWars posts, the moment has passed.

MS: His attempt was better than luke warm.

Robert Green: You're still surrounded by nerds HERE!

MS: ~smiles~ I needed the Company, that's why I came here... It's like being in a cozy hole in the ground.

JW: All of these posts are precious...

Michael Drozda: It TOOK me awhile but I'm catching on...

MS: I wish I had a Brandybuck every time it Took me awhile. ;)


Shannon Stone: Ahh, MY sister! Melanie, every time I think I must be the biggest nerd alive - you remind me that I cannot compete with your nerd knowledge.

MS: Shannon, it's so nice that you envy my vast superiority. Or my vast posteriority, whichever.
These punwars are a gray haven for a nerd like me.

SS: I definitely envy both!

MS: Minas is pretty impressive, isn't it?


MS: Say u man. 
Not that I'll argue, cause if I did, arwen by a landslide.

Diane Fioretti: I am a nerd but wouldn't get that one either. I get what a hobbit is but have never seen the movies or read the books.

MS: We are no longer friends.

SB: So much for that^^^ fellowship...

MS: Ah, she'll give me a ring and we'll be as cool as Caradhras.

Scott Wilcox: One does not simply make LOTR puns.

My friends and family and I love trivia games, so, if you haven't tried Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, I recommend that. It IS based on the movies, not the books, so that makes it more challenging for all of us. 
I have always wanted their version of Middle-Earth Risk, and The Battle of Pelennor Fields, but I just so couldn't justify another one. Heh. 

One of my AUGI friends was kind enough to send me a Lord of the Rings chess set, and it is one of my favorite sets ever!

2014 Polls and Surveys Roundup

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OT: Spreading Joy

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate shopping 10 months of the year, and how much I absolutely loathe it the other 2 months.

Today, I had to hit Sam's on the way home. Ugh, full gas station ($2.01 though, not bad), and full parking lot.
I dreaded going inside, with distracted shoppers and hungry samplers blocking the aisles. Grrrrr!!!

Then, I looked at my headband.

You see, today was ugly sweater day at the office, and I don't wear sweaters, so, I picked up a headband with a couple wobbly sparkly Christmas trees on it to wear at work today.

I resolutely stuck the headband back on and headed into the madding crowd.

People would be walking around, distracted and concentrating... then they'd see a grown woman with this stupid headgear on and just start smiling or giggling.

I'll admit, I was concentrating on my own shopping a few times and totally forgot I was even wearing the thing... then someone would smile broadly at me or give me a thumbs up, and I'd start grinning again.

Good move, made my shopping a lot more pleasant.