OT: Spreading Joy

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate shopping 10 months of the year, and how much I absolutely loathe it the other 2 months.

Today, I had to hit Sam's on the way home. Ugh, full gas station ($2.01 though, not bad), and full parking lot.
I dreaded going inside, with distracted shoppers and hungry samplers blocking the aisles. Grrrrr!!!

Then, I looked at my headband.

You see, today was ugly sweater day at the office, and I don't wear sweaters, so, I picked up a headband with a couple wobbly sparkly Christmas trees on it to wear at work today.

I resolutely stuck the headband back on and headed into the madding crowd.

People would be walking around, distracted and concentrating... then they'd see a grown woman with this stupid headgear on and just start smiling or giggling.

I'll admit, I was concentrating on my own shopping a few times and totally forgot I was even wearing the thing... then someone would smile broadly at me or give me a thumbs up, and I'd start grinning again.

Good move, made my shopping a lot more pleasant. 

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