We can do better, folks - Salary Survey closes August 19th



As it stands right now, here are the Salary Survey response numbers for the past 10 years.

I realize some participation has probably dropped off due to layoffs, but, with so many AUGI members out there (and people who haven't yet joined), we can surely drum up some more responses before the survey closes tomorrow night.
This has always been a community effort folks, and the 10's of thousands of people who will download these survey results should be participating. As always, results are collected without being connected to usernames, and I am the only person who ever touches the raw data, data will be published in broad groups only.

Here is a snapshot of replies so far, is your industry underrepresented?

Mine is... when I realized how badly, I hit the Facilities Management discussion forums and shot off a few emails, encouraging my peers to take part.

The 10th Annual AUGI Salary Survey closes tomorrow. Please take the survey by tomorrow night (August 19th, 2011) and encourage your peers to do the same.

Thank you for contributing to the community! The results will be printed in AUGIworld Magazine next month.


10th Annual AUGI Salary Survey

It's already that time again (and I, for one, cannot believe it). The AUGI Annual Salary Survey... and not just any annual... but, our 10th run!

Drafters, Designers, Architects, Engineers, Trainers, Surveyors, etc from all industries can volunteer a little bit of information to give the AUGI community meaningful data for an idea of salaries (pay/wages/rates), benefits, job satisfaction and more.

As reported at the top of the survey form, the results of this survey will be published in the September issue of AUGIWorld Magazine.
If you'd like to know more, please read the AUGI Salary Survey Frequently Asked Questions page.

Click here to take the 2011 survey (sorry, you do need to be logged in, so that we can make sure folks aren't skewing the results by answering multiple times).

Here is a snapshot from the 2010 AUGI Annual Salary Survey , which shows the type of users who participated. Don't think your industry is very well-represented? Please share the link with some colleagues and ask them to take part.

A couple of fast stats from the 2010 survey:
  • The number of BIM Managers doubled from 2009 to 2010
  • Sadly enough, the number of members receiving a reduction in pay quintupled
  • The highest paying industry was Petroleum/Gas/Biofuels
  • 74% of respondents felt their job was Secure
  • Women make up 16.5% of respondents