What a Facility Owner wants you to know

    I cannot count how many times I have spoken to the AEC industry on a perspective from the Owner's side. It is so important to have our voice heard, for design teams to learn from us as we learn from them and we meet together to create a sustainable lifecycle for our buildings and data.

    But with the last team who approached me, I was not sure what to present on, and the organizer, Karen Kensak, suggested something like Digital Twins. I was like, UGH not another shiny technology, when people do not even deliver what they are contracted for most of the time. 

    So... that became the topic of my conversation. They do not record their presentations, so I decided to record my own and post it, because it is a really important discussion. 

    Behind every technical analysis I have responded with over the years, is a disappointment that most design teams are not consistently meeting contracted requirements. 

    Yes, I lay plenty of blame on the Owner's side, from the PMs not understanding or caring to Finance closing out books and sending out final payments before requirements have been met... but just because someone lets you get away with something, does not mean you should.

    If you do not care to watch an entire video, and prefer podcasts instead, I did touch on some of the same topics (although a little less forthrightly) on an episode of BIMThoughts last year. After hearing the playback of that interview, I felt I should make a presentation addressing how I always dance around the real issue for us owners, but did not get around to it... until today.

    We have such passion and energy in our industry, among those of us who share knowledge. But not everyone is like us. They do not understand or do not care or have too many time pressures, whatever the issue is, if we close the loop, it will benefit all of us.

if you do not see a video embedded here, try switching your browser to "View Web Version" or click directly on this YouTube link

    Not only will it make the next renovation easier, faster, and cheaper for all parties involved, it should help our economy as a whole. As I refer back to (yet again) the NIST study that shows that there are billions of dollars of lost information in our industry every year, most of which is borne by the capital facilities portion, aka, our clients.

    I also mentioned in my talk, the article I wrote about the 'alphabet soup' of acronyms for FM, so here is the link: TLA/FLAs for FIM/IWMS

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What's new in ARCHIBUS v26.1

In the past, ARCHIBUS has been on a longer release schedule, but they are currently putting out new versions quarterly, for their clients who choose a SaaS model.

I was able to join in on the most recent new features webcast, which was focused on user experience (UX) and return to work (RTW RTO).


  • Space Console: Query Search
  • Space Console: UX
  • Move Console: UX
  • ARCHIBUS Workplace: Accessibility
  • ARCHIBUS Workplace: Hoteling
  • Reports Central
  • Badging Connector and Report
  • Framework Controls: UX

Space Console: Query Search


Machine generated alternative text:
Space Console Query Search 
Designed to quickly 
search and access 
specific information 
Create a flexible 
Locate employees, 
buildings, etc. 
Find employees in 
permanent or 
hoteling seats 
Space Console 
Building - "NC05" AND Division LIKE 
BEDFORD - NC05 - TGD Technology center 
Floor 04 - NC05 - CORPORATE MGMT 
Room Categories 
Area ft2 
O Query 
)4 - Highlight Rooms By Divisions 
IEjLj Lj



The main strength of CAFM/IWMS/EAM systems is the data being in one place, and normalized. So all improvements into finding, querying, reporting on data get me really excited.

In addition to spaces, you can also find employees with this function, whether they are permanently assigned to a space or hoteling.


Ying Qin ran a demo of Space Console Query Search so we could see it in action.

There are three switches for this query feature:

  • Query
  • Employee
  • Quick Search


Machine generated alternative text:


Query search is for a space manager who knows the data

Switch this dropdown to employee, to search for people (by employee ID or name)

Quick search is the 3rd option


Machine generated alternative text:
Category INCL ES C'office", 
- MET - Met Millimeters 
Floor 01 
Floor 03 
BEDFORD • AB • AB Building 
Floor 01 - OFFICE 
Floor 02 - OFFICE 
Floor 03 - OFFICE 
Floor 04 - OFFICE 
Floor 05 - OFFICE 
Floor 06 - OFFICE 


Can use 'contains' in the searches

Drill down into results and set room highlight types


Machine generated alternative text:
SRL 07 
O selected 
Place in Waiting Room 
Employee Code 



Machine generated alternative text:
Space Console 
Employee Code 
NCOS 02 

Space Console: UX


Machine generated alternative text:
Space Console UX 
Designed to save time when 
navigating the Space Console 
Print floorplans without 
Zoom while selecting 
employees or rooms 
Drag and drop employee 
NCOS 04. 
Highlight Rooms By Occupancy 
Sabrina Logan 
Kelly Grant 
Elise Hagen 
John Voss 
margaret cohen 


Space Console User Interface improvements now include the ability to:

  • Can print blank floorplans with no highlights
  • When selecting employees or rooms, zooms in on results
  • Drag and Drop Employees (names and numbers)

 Move Console: UX

Machine generated alternative text:
Move Console UX 
Allow Move Coordinator 
Move Console 
Move List 
to speed work 
All Move Types 
Create Move Request in 
Configure Opti o ns 
Move Console 
Filter Moves on Division, 
Project Code, Name and 
Move Order 
My Date 
project Code 
Move Ord 
Requested (0/15) CJ 
Requested-Routed for App 
Approved (O/S) 
Issued-In Process (0/20) 
Request an Employee Move 
Request a Group Move 
Request a Mcwe for a New Hire 
Request a Mue for an Employee Leaving 
an Equipment Move 
an Asset MOVE 
Request a Rc.rm Move 
project Status 
cv for Approval 
Clear Cancel 
Department C Ode 
ro Date 
Project Name 
project Descrtgoon


Improvements include these abilities:

  • Can now create a move request from within the console
  • Can filter moves based on their Division, Project Code, Move Name and Move Order

ARCHIBUS Workplace Accessibility


Machine generated alternative text:
Archibus Workplace Accessibility 
0-00 AM - AM 
030 AM - 9m AM 
1100 AM - 11:30 AM 
2:00 PM • 2.30 PM 
2:30 PM • PM 
Roll out 
Workplace to all 
employees with 
WCAG 2.1 
Level A and 
AA Compliant 
Room 1118 
• I-soseaß 
Meeting Space Booking 
Input Meeting Info 
Recurrence Pattern 
Choose Meeting Time 
Start Date 
11:30 AM -12:m PM 
9m AM. 9.30 
12:00 PM - 12:30 
PM • 3:30


Improvements to the Workspace App are summed up by:

  • Features for visual and hearing impairments
  • WCAG (web content accessible guidelines) 2.1
    • Level A compliant
    • Level AA Compliant

 ARCHIBUS Workplace Hoteling

Machine generated alternative text:
Archibus Workplace Hoteling 
Help keep employees safe while 
enhancing their desk booking 
Workspace Reservations 
Limit the number of days to book 
Limit to all-day bookings only 
Enable a health check before 
checking in 
Book near a colleague; see who else 
has booked a desk while searching 
Workspace Booking 
TGD Technoiogy Center 
Select a workspace 
05 •a 
Fun day 
Health Check 
Start d ate 
have not experienced any Of these symptoms in the past 48 
• fever or chills 
• cough 
• shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
• fatigue 
• muscle or body aches 
• headache 
• new loss Of taste or smell 
• sore throat 
• congestion or runny nose 
• nausea or vomiting 
• diarrhea 
• Unenclosed Workstation 
• 1 space

  • Ability to limit the booking window (application parameter)
  • Limit to all-day bookings (previous settings were morning / afternoon) (this application parameter is either/or, it cannot be utilized both ways)
  • Enable a healthcheck, with configurable text, prompt before booking is finalized. If you don't check in, the reservation will be released
  • Book near a colleague, because you can see who else has booked, during your search for a space

 ARCHIBUS Workplace UX

Machine generated alternative text:
Archibus Workplace UX 
Make as easy to use as 
Removed pins on floor plan 
during booking 
Removed room labels on 
floor plan during booking 
Workspace Booking 
Workspace Booking 
Starl Oate 
Fun Day 
Room Type 
9m - SOO PM 
AM . 1:00 PM



ARCHIBUS Workplace User Interface improvements make room selection less busy and easier to navigate

  • Removed pins on floor during booking
  • Removed room labels on the floorplan during booking

Reports Central


Machine generated alternative text:
Building - "NC05" AND Division LIKE 
BEDFORD - NC05 - TGD Technology center 
Floor 04 - NC05 - CORPORATE MGMT

Machine generated alternative text:
Reports Central 
A Archibus 
Created to easily 
analyze the data you 
need to make 
informed decisions 
Create simple reports 
with charts 
Quickly tailor by 
filtering, selecting 
Publish and share 
reports with 
executives and peers 
Reports Central 
Tables Reports 
A" Work Requ•sts 
Arc hived Work Requests per Mon thJWeek 
Historical Work R •quests 
Work Assignments 
Request Labor Sync 
Historical Work Requests 
C) t Fields Addfilter Ld Chart Save O 
Total Cost greater than 
Equ ipme nt Code IS not blank 
Work R" Code 
run emergency 
A Archibus 
Reports Central 
Eqw Is 
Occupmcy by floor


Octavian ran through a demonstration so that we could see the reporting improvements in action.


Reports Central

  • Create simple reports, with charts
  • Quickly modify by filtering and selecting fields
  • Publish and share reports with others


This one excites me.

ARCHIBUS has always been my favorite CAFM platform, but it was a bit of a contrast when I began using FMInteract from FM:Systems because the reporting was so much easier to get going with. I literally had zero training and was able to get going with FMS / FMI reporting (to be fair, I had prior exposure to the slightly strange FMI database structure as an ARCHIBUS Solutions Architect performing data mapping for migrating clients, so that surely helped. It was very easy to get going with in reporting.).

These new changes look to be leveling the playing field a bit more with regard to the usability and lowers the barrier to entry in ARCHIBUS reporting.


Machine generated alternative text:
A Archibus 
Real property 
Capital Projects 
Sustainability & Riü 
Workplace Services 
Reports Central 
O Select Fields 
Cost to Replace 
Building Code 
Equipment Code 
Y Add filter Chart 
Equipment Description 
Equipment Code 
Equipment Standard 
Fl Code 
•./ Save 
Employee Personal protective Equipment 
Equipment Asset Attributes 
Equipment Audit 
Equipment Counts by Standard 
Equipment Depreciation 
Equipment Inventory vs. Audit 
Equipment Inventory vs. Trial 
Equipment Parts 
Equipment Peripherals 
Equipment Ports 
Equipment Standard 
A. PC 
Cost to Replace 


Machine generated alternative text:
@ Select Fields 
Cost to Replace 
Building Code 
Floor Code 
Equipment Code 
Y Add filter 
Is greater than 
Chart Options 
Chart Title• 
Budding Code 
Equ•ment Standard 
Floor Code 


They support 4 chart types currently, but will be adding more in future releases

Machine generated alternative text:
Chart Save 
Chart Options 
Bar Chart 
C umn Chart 
Li Chart 
Pie Chart 


  • Bar Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Line Chart 
  • Pie Chart


Machine generated alternative text:
I s greater than 
Report Profile and Publishing 
Equipment by Cost to Replace 
Equipment by Cost to Replace in Building HQ and 
Publish Report 
my report visible to others 
Process or Role' 


Then you can save your report, either privately or shared with your team. When you publish the report, you dictate the Application and Process or Role to store it as.


This reporting can be restricted or allowed by Role. The 'publish report' is not a PNAV (process navigator) item, it resides within the Reports Central Process, and published reports will only be visible to those with the assigned application/process/role dictated by the reports.


One limitation is that there is no support yet for math. No averages or sums are available, but they will be in a future release.


If you are a report designer, you can lock some of the filters, so the asset manager who receives the report cannot add a filter. Basically, there is control how much filtering the end user will have access to based on your target user role.


Since this is version 1 for this feature, ARCHIBUS would love to get user feedback on it to help inform future releases. If you do not know how to submit feedback, contact your ARCHIBUS Business Partner.

Access Monitoring: Badging Connector


Machine generated alternative text:
Access Monitoring (Badging Connector) 
Monitor capacity and 
social distancing 
Import employee 
badge data 
Support contact 
tracing by 
tracking facility entry 
Monitor space access 
and utilization 
Code: A 
Seen(Daily, Avg.) 
Building Access Inrormation 
Cun ju •V N" 0 
Daily Utilization 
R TUV•e W"' VuZ'• 



Access Monitoring (Badging Connector), these features can help ensure social distancing compliance by monitoring the current capacity / occupancy of your space:

  • Imports employee badge data
  • Supports contract tracing by tracking entry to facilities
  • Monitors space utilization and access

As an aside: I have heard that this company, DLR group, is doing a lot of exciting data-centric forward-thinking work in the AECO industry re: IoT and IAQ, including not using badging or grid scans of occupancy scanners or other similar data sources for occupancy counts, but also using thermo data to detect changes in air temperature, indicating occupancy increases to unsafe levels. Neat stuff. 

Framework Controls: UX

Machine generated alternative text:
Framework Controls UX 
Designed to save time by 
allowing easy locating and 
uploading of items 
Update drawing control's 
toolbar icons 
Allow drag-and- 
dropping documents to the 
form's document field 
Highlight a selected tree node 
Work Request 
More Information 
Simple Tree - Depe 
Department by Division 
ACCESSORIES Accessories 
• ADMINISTRATION Administration 
• eun01NG svcs 
c-HUMANITIES college Humanities 
C.MANAGEMENT College Management 
of sciences 
ELECTRONIC sys. Electron* systems 
• EXECUTIVE Executive 
Problem on 
• 227.298 
oate 44-2021 
to m 



Framework Controls User Interface

  • Updated drawing control toolbar icons
  • Ability to drag and drop documents into the document field
  • Highlights in the tree which item you have selected


These changes apply across the product.

New Features and FAQ

There was a future features / backlog / roadmap portion of the presentation, but I will not be discussing that today, as it will be made public by ARCHIBUS at the appropriate time.

Likewise, I will not be sharing my notes and screenshots on the FAQ portion of the call, as much of that was regarding items currently in development which have not yet been released. Disappointing, as I have SOOOO many comments regardings some of them.

I always love new features, but, as someone supporting IWMS software, most of which is still (an average) of 60% customized, it does make me nervous. ;)


OT: A Few of my Favorite Things - Kitchen Edition

As marked in my title here, this post is Off Topic (OT). I cannot be the only one out there who is just tired of work, work, work all the time.

Inspiration struck, because other day, I was looking for some pepper jelly, and a friend of mine sent me some. And that reminded me of awhile back when I was searching for a wireless headset and multiple colleagues pointed me to one that I love (even though they had to convince me I could move to a single ear style) and how I'm constantly trying to introduce people to Red Hot Riplet seasoning (made by a local company, but seriously, the heat-loving world should KNOW).

I really love to cook. There is not always space or time for it, but when there is, it's a great way to check out mentally and destress... and then I get to eat and feed people, so it's a win-win! 

So, instead of giving you CAD and data tips, today, I will give you tips on my favorite kitchen finds that have made my life easier (always happy to hear about other good stuff, if you have favorite helpers, too!).

Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook - Don't know how to cook yet? This is the book my Mom bought me when I left home. Lots of good explanations and clear recipes and substitution charts. I have gifted the same to many people over the years.

Over the Sink Dish Rack - OMG! Why didn't anyone tell me these things existed years ago?!?! There's a meme circulating that is mocking people for getting excited about these, but I'm not even ashamed. I've got more counter space, and a permanent home for my cutting boards and biggest knives. 

Hanging Pot Rack - I get a lot of compliments on this, especially from the maintenance staff. I keep pots and pans, large utensils, lids (by hanging the rack low enough to reach the top) and I've even gone crazy and started keeping my mixing bowls on top of it. I bought this in 2013, so it's definitely been worth the money. 

Magnetic Knife Strip - Self explanatory. 

Arch Bandages - Maybe not a kitchen thing, but an instant relief from Plantar Fasciitis so you can stand and cook? I was googling and trying to find exercises and whatever other treatment was available, and it was really as simple for me as putting pressure on the foot, and I could walk and run without pain again. SWEET! 

Pantry Organizer - Okay, that's what they call it, but you could just as easily use a shoe organizer for this. All the little sprinkles and sauce or seasoning packets and toothpicks that get lost easily... now perfectly visible. I think I saw it on a Buzzfeed list or something and decided to give it a try. Now I tell everyone, cause it's so cheap and so helpful. 

Jar opener - I asked for recommendations in my Myasthenia Gravis support group, for something that would help me open jars when my hands were weak, or in pain from the Lupus. This is definitely a winner. I hardly have to put any pressure on it to open things. 

Reusable K-Cups - My neighbors gave me a Keurig a couple of years ago, my Mom bought me a giant thing of Folger's from a bulk store, and I've been on easy street ever since then (don't forget to compost your coffee grounds). Hot Tip: if you've got one of those v2.0 Keurigs, and some older refillable things, they have an IR check for compatibility. BUT all you have to do is cut the foil top off of a branded one and tape it up against the scanner.

Lego Molds - This is not just for the kitchen. The kids and I have made chocolate candies and gummies, but we have also made crayons (melting down broken crayons). 

Veggetti - Are you a kitchen gadget freak? If you don't have a veggie spiralizer yet, I do not think so. Ha!

Spice Rack - Buy in bulk at your local import market and keep the stuff in the inconvenient cabinet you can't reach, and then fill these up, all nice and uniform and organized. Combined with reusable chalkboard labels? Yes, please. Saves a lot of money in the long run over buying grocery store spices in all different sizes and shapes.

Oxo Mandoline - Yes, even though someone distracted me and I cut off my fingertip with this bad boy, it was still a great investment. It was recommended on America's Test Kitchen, have had it for almost 10 years and use it all the time. 

Bacon Press 9" - Okay, admittedly, I cook my bacon in the oven now, on the same cool sheet pans I roast all my veggies on, but before I started doing that, this bacon press was essential.

Meal Prep Containers - Of course, as much as I love to cook, there's not always time or physical stamina for that. These are great (I also have divided ones), really inexpensive, but I can spend one day cooking and dish things up. Then throughout the week, if the kids are hungry or I can't cook, then we just grab a container, heat and eat.

Ceramic Cookware - There are MUCH nicer sets of this out there, but I caught these for only $65 on Prime Day or Black Friday. It's a solid set, and I am so glad I tried cooking on ceramic after seeing it being used on cooking shows.

Alright, all of this typing is making me hungry. 

Currently in my meal prep containers I have roasted veggies, breakfast biscuit pizzas and chicken tikka masala. Happy eating, friends!

Please Note: the links in this post are affiliate links. What does that mean? If you click one of these links and make a purchase, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. All opinions, and bad puns, are my own.

Knowing how much I love to create in the kitchen, I finally pulled the trigger and started a food blog, come on over and join The Fork Side.  


How do you Erase?

The last team that I joined, I was asked to review their tutorials for common tasks and one of the things that I noted was that users were instructed to DELETE <ENTER> objects. 

When my coworkers would present, some of them would type ERASE <ENTER> and others would type E <ENTER> or click the Erase button on the Modify tab of the Ribbon.

Personally, I prefer to use the right-click menu or by using the Delete button on the keyboard.

I recorded a video to demonstrate different ways to erase an object, including through the Quad cursor menu. 

Nothing here is really earth-shattering, we all know how to delete objects in a CAD program. 

But it would be a good idea to sit down with your team and see if the way that they call common commands could be updated to be more efficient, or if you might want to update your training documents to save folks a few keystrokes.

If you want to try using BricsCAD, click here for more information. 


BricsCAD Exploding Attributed Blocks with Express Tools

The first time I tried BricsCAD, I attempted to BURST a block. I don't use normally use attributes myself, and being a Facilities person who constantly receives outside files, BURST is my default and is in any cleanup commands that I run. No such command.

I did try EXPLODE after that, though, and saw my attribute values disappear and the definitions remained. 

Checking the online help confirms that is the behavior as designed. 

I did some searching and ended up on a site none other than CAD Panacea. R.K. pointed out that a developer (CAD4FM UG) has made an Express Tools plugin (which will work on BricsCAD Pro and BricsCAD Ultimate, but not BricsCAD Lite).

The installation was quick and simple. The .exe did flag for not having a known publisher name, but operated just fine. 

Upon reopening BricsCAD, I now see a ribbon tab, floating toolbars and a menubar menu, providing access to the commands. 

I turned off the toolbars and hid the menubar (menubar = 0) and called the command from the ribbon... okay, fine, I did it from the command line!

Click the "Explode Attributes" button, or type BURST, click to select your block, then right-click to complete the command. 

And there you have it, separate attribute values instead of the attribute definitions. 

(These steps also apply to AutoCAD, but Express Tools are installed and loaded by default in the last few releases.)

If you would like to see a short demonstration of exploding a block with attributes, without losing their current values, please feel free to check out this YouTube video.

If you want to try using BricsCAD, click here for more information. 


BricsCAD Interface and File Formats

I recently took BricsCAD v21 for a spin. If you're curious about the interface, please feel free to watch this five minute video where I walk through it. 

Items to note would include: 

  • Properties Panel / Side Panels
  • HotKey Assistant
  • Quad Display
  • Look From Widget
  • Drawing Explorer
CORRECTION: In the video, I stated that the Quad Display needed to be disabled to access the right-click menu, but that is not accurate. You can still access that out of the box with a long-right-click.

If you're curious about the file formats that BricsCAD v21 Ultimate will open, import, reference or export, feel free to reference the list below or watch this short video where I step through the dialog boxes.

Open or Import Filetypes

  • .dwg - Standard file format from programs such as AutoCAD
  • .dxf - Drawing Exchange Format, designed by Autodesk as a compatible vector format
  • .dwt - Drawing Template file
  • Windows Metafile Formats - Images
    • .wmf
    • .emf
    • .wmz
    • .emz

  • .dae - Collada is an interchange file format for interactive 3D applications, approved by ISO
  • .dgn - drawings created by programs such as MicroStation or Intergraph
  • .3dm - an open-source 3D model format and native file format for Rhino
  • .skp - files or components for SketchUp
  • .ifc - model file created in the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, which is an open file format used by Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • .rfa - Revit Family files
  • .rvt - Revit model files

Save As Filetypes and Versions

  • AutoCAD 2018 .dwg
  • AutoCAD 2018 ASCII .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2018 Binary .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2013 .dwg
  • AutoCAD 2013 ASCII .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2013 Binary .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2010 .dwg
  • AutoCAD 2010 ASCII .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2010 Binary .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2007 .dwg
  • AutoCAD 2007 ASCII .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2007 Binary .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2004 .dwg
  • AutoCAD 2004 ASCII .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2004 Binary .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2000 .dwg
  • AutoCAD 2000 ASCII .dxf
  • AutoCAD 2000 Binary .dxf
  • AutoCAD release 14 .dwg
  • AutoCAD release 14 ASCII .dxf
  • AutoCAD release 14 Binary .dxf
  • AutoCAD release 13 .dwg
  • AutoCAD release 13 ASCII .dxf
  • AutoCAD release 13 Binary .dxf
  • AutoCAD release 11/12 .dwg
  • AutoCAD release 11/12 ASCII .dxf
  • AutoCAD release 11/12 Binary .dxf
  • AutoCAD release 10 ASCII .dxf
  • AutoCAD release 10 Binary .dxf
  • AutoCAD release 9 ASCII .dxf
  • Drawing Template .dwt

Reference File formats

  • .dwg AutoCAD files
  • .pdf Portable Document Format
  • .bmp image
  • .jpg image
  • .jpeg image
  • .pcx image
  • .png image
  • .gif image
  • .tga image
  • .tif image
  • .tiff image
  • .jp2 image
  • .j2k image
  • .ecw image
  • .sid image
  • .mti image
  • .e57 point cloud
  • .las point cloud
  • .pts point cloud
  • .ptx point cloud
  • .rcp point cloud
  • .rcs point cloud
  • .bpt legacy point cloud

Export file formats

  • .fbx binary file
  • .fbx ASCII file
  • .dwg file
  • .dxf ASCII file
  • .dwt template file
  • .bmp image file
  • .wmf image file
  • .emf enhanced image file
  • .dwf 3D DWF v6.0
  • .dwf Zipped ASCII Encoded 2D Stream DWF v6.0
  • .dwf Compressed v5.5
  • .dwf Binary v5.5
  • .dwf ASCII v5.5
  • .dwfx XPS readable DWF
  • .svg Scalable Vector Graphics format
  • .stl Lithography
  • .dae Collada 3D interchange format
  • .dgn MicroStation file
  • .udatasmith Unreal Engine 4.25.3
  • .3dm Rhino file
  • .ifc IFC2X3 file
  • .ifc IFC4 file

If you want to try using BricsCAD, click here for more information.