AUGI Survey Reminders

The majority of responses to the AUGI Annual Survey do come as a direct result of our email blasts (if you are an AUGI member, please check your settings to ensure you receive AUGI Bulletins, which is any news from AUGI, separate from ads).

Just for fun, I thought I would post some of the content from the email blasts that we send out. Yes, they are primarily a call to action, but I also try to include information, in the form of charts from last year, or a snapshot of the current year's survey, that our members might find interesting.


WIB - Women in BIM is also conducting a survey right now, not affiliated with AUGI, but as long as you're in a mood to take surveys, feel free to jump into theirs

The Global Work Survey:  BIM and digital roles across the built environment (surveymonkey.co.uk)

Salary Survey Launch Email

We have the expected questions about pay and benefits, but there is also a chance to share information on what markets your company serves or what specialty services they offer. Our Hot Topic page has questions that might vary from year to year, in order to explore how (and how quickly) our work is changing.

So that this year’s review can provide measurable and meaningful data, it is important that all AUGI members volunteer a couple of minutes of their time and a little bit of information (anonymously, data is not in any way connected to your user account and will only be reported in broad groups), so that everyone can get an idea of the current state of their industry.

Even if you have recently been laid off, furloughed, or have had reduced hours please take the time to participate (with your most recent full time job details), and indicate your change in employment, because we would like to know that, too.

Reminder Email

Below is a chart of industry representation in the survey so far. Is your field well represented? Please share the survey link with your coworkers and other colleagues and urge them to add to the dataset, which will increase the accuracy of the results.

If you are logged in, you can download results of past surveys here: AUGI Salary Survey Archives. In addition to the Survey review from Melanie Stone, the 2022 download also includes advice from Mark Kiker on justifying staffing increases, and KaDe King on how to negotiate pay raises or starting salaries.

Here are the Top 5 Hottest Jobs last year:

And these are the Top 10 Most Appreciated Jobs last year:

Here are the Top 10 highest paying design discipline specialties in 2022:

And, finally, after you have taken this year’s survey, you might want to get ready to request a raise from your employer, so here are some resources to help you in negotiating salary: Find Your Price and Use the Numbers.

Even if you have recently been laid off, furloughed, or have had reduced hours please take the time to participate (with your most recent full time job details), and indicate your change in employment in those respective questions, because we would like to know that, too.

The encouraging news is that, from responses so far, only 1% of the industry is reporting a reduction in hours, furlough or layoff in 2023! That is an improvement over recent years.

For those affected, please remember to network online to get connected with those companies still hiring, the AUGI careers page, the AUGI forums or our LinkedIn group. You can also list yourself on the AUGI Resource Directory.

Final 2023 Survey Reminder

Voice your company’s experiences with business expansion or contraction, or your own gauge of job security and layoffs. Which markets does your company serve and how do those specialties affect wages and job security. Is AI having an impact? How are staffing concerns and remote work adoption?

In closing, the below images provide a look back over past survey results. at the average salary* for Designers (our most popular job title), as well as the industries who reported the largest raises last year.