Ryan Ellen, PE, Senior Project Manager, BJC HealthCare - “Melanie was an invaluable resource to my team during my tenure at BJC HealthCare. She provides excellent facility document management services to her internal and external customers. Melanie tenaciously held design document vendors to high standards ensuring a quality database of facility information for a 6 million square foot academic medical center. 
Her database simplified project planning and design, reducing architecture and engineering inspection/validation costs in the millions while she has been at BJC HealthCare. She took on initiatives to continually improve facility document management practices, never accepting the status quo. Melanie is a thought leader and subject matter expert in facility information management. I highly recommend Melanie for leadership positions in facility management.”

Dennis Mullen, Facilities Manager, BJC HealthCare - “I highly recommend Melanie Stone Perry as I worked with her at BJH when she fully developed the CAD system for the hospital which is several million square feet in size. Melanie was responsible for instituting the CAD program for BJH and for training the various users of the system through tech level. 
After I left BJH, Melanie assisted me in setting up my CAD program at BJWCH by visiting us and developing a strategy for our files. Ms. Perry is an expert in her field.”

Immanuel Nicholas Iyadurai, Project Architect / Associate, Christner Inc. - “I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Melanie on multiple occasions. While working with BJC, she showed her highly professional ability to deal with us, the architects. She showed enormous patience and knowledge in the CAD systems and was instrumental in helping us create a client specific CAD standards for us, so that our drawings comply with BJC standards. She was very sincere, hard working and assertive.
I witnessed her amazing organizational skills while working with her on the "Gateway Autodesk User Group". She was a founder of that group. She helped the St Louis CAD community with her lectures, knowledge and tidbits. She was always on the lookout to help people and was very fun to work with her.”

Tomislav Žigo, Director of Virtual Design and Construction, Clayco - “If I were to describe Melanie's work and expertise, as well as her outlook on what being professional is all about, two words come to mind; pragmatic and analytical. She is one of the rare people in this industry that wasn’t afraid to build her expertise from the ground up and maintain the critical practice approach toward solving complex issues. In the ever-evolving world of implemented digital technology and practice, we need more people like Melanie that are not afraid to ask difficult question and raise the bar of what is expected from the leaders in the field of virtual design and construction.”

Ed Sallade, Interior Architect / CAD Specialist, BJC HealthCare - “I have worked with Melanie Stone Perry on many occasions, over many years in the field of Computer Aided Design implementation, service and support of computer aided design and its integration with facilities and construction projects. Melanie has always been very compassionate and dedicated to provide the highest quality of service needed for any job I have been associated with her on. Melanie has been a great resource to have available. I would recommend Melanie with the highest regard to her personality, professionalism, and dedication. It has always been a pleasure to work with Melanie and I look forward to any opportunity to so in the future.”

Ellen Finkelstein, Author / Trainer, Independent - “Melanie Stone updated a few chapters of my AutoCAD Bible. Her knowledge of AutoCAD is top-notch and she is very detail-oriented. She was reliable and a pleasure to work with. She has extensive experience writing and editing AutoCAD-related content and has developed an excellent reputation in this field.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Mark Evans, Senior Product Manager, Autodesk - "Melanie is sharp and ambitious. Every time I talk to her, she has some keen insight. If she fits the needs of a job position, you'll be getting more than you bargained for!"

Marty Chobot, VP of Product Management and Strategic Alliances, FM:Systems - “I've followed Melanie's writing for several years now. I've always been impressed by her knowledge of CAD and BIM tools and processes. It's very rare to find someone with her ability to connect and leverage building information from those products to support FM workflows.”

Owen Wengerd, Owner, ManuSoft - “Melanie is focused, studious and passionate about her work, as well as an excellent communicator with above average writing skills.”

Matt Dillon, Vice President of Technical Services, D|C|CADD - Melanie's ongoing efforts to keep up with technology and to help others to do so are plainly visible, and her good humor and logical approach to problem solving are an inspiration.”

Elena Fadeeva, Ph.D, Sr. Principal User Researcher AutoCAD, Autodesk - “I have known Melanie for 7+ years. It’s always a pleasure to work with her on user research projects related to a various aspects of CAD design, drafting, and technology in general.
Melanie is one of the most treasured “experts” in the AutoCAD application and we find ourselves frequently seeking her input in validation of design ideas and programmatic implementation.
Melanie is one of the most active advocates of industry-specific knowledge (what we call a “domain expert”); undeniably, she has organizational skills and abilities to ignite interest and ideas in others.
Melanie is very detail oriented and confident in her work; she has a great personality and an enthusiastic approach to everything she does. We are happy to continue to collaborate with such a competent and valuable contributor!"

Greg Silva, CAD Coordinator, ENGlobal Engineering, Inc - “Melanie is definitely a self motivated person. She is able to tackle multiple high profile projects and get them done on time. I have worked with Melanie while she was on the AUGI board. She not only can perform her duties at a full time job, But she also finds the time to go to college and keep several AUGI projects going. If I was ever in a position and her resume came across my desk she would be hired.”

Tom Stone, Building Industry Specialist, Seiler Instrument Company - “Melanie Stone has always been an excellent industry resource providing detail on all aspects of the building industry. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a person dedicated to developments in BIM technology or facilities management.”

Bill Adams, Principal, WJ ADAMS Building Design / Revit Trainer, Imaginit - “I have known Melanie Stone Perry in a variety of capacities for 7+ years. Melanie has assisted me in varying roles within the organization [AUGI] as volunteer, team leader, moderator and now as a Director.
Melanie is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are outstanding. I am continuously impressed with her level of proficiency with Autodesk Software in particular and her cheerful manner and willingness to assist and help others who struggle to use the programs.
I highly recommend Melanie without reservation for any position or endeavour that she may seek to pursue. She is a valuable asset for any Organization.”

Harvey Wright, Building Solutions Design Executive, Seiler Instrument - “I have worked with Melanie for 3+ years. We have done business together in the Autodesk world. Melanie has always been a pleasure to work with. She is a professional, with years of experience in the design software field, and an absolute expert on the functional aspects of CAD and BIM software. We have also interacted through professional organizations, most recently the Gateway Autodesk User Group. She is an enthusiastic group member, tempered by real world pragmatism. She is also fun, and funny, always delightful to be around. I would add her to my organization without hesitation.”

Patrick Hughes, Owner, Engineered Design Solutions - “Melanie is a conscientious professional who engages in a well-rounded range of activities related to her industry. Those individuals that are fortunate enough to encounter Melanie in her various roles are certain to be struck with a most favorable impression and enchanted with her personable form of logic.”

Eric Stover, Product Line Manager, Autodesk - “Melanie is fantastic with working with her customers, other end-users, and peers. When others have issues or problems, Melanie is right there with a positive attitude and the right answer. I trust her to go the extra distance in any role she endeavors to take on.”

Brian Myers, Architectural Applications Engineer, Seiler Instrument - “Melanie Stone is a dedicated individual with superior CAD knowledge that cares about the success of others. She is a hard worker and a person I deeply trust.”

Steve Bennett, CAD Manager, HMC Architects - “Melanie has been such a wonderful individual to work with over the years. Her professionalism always came first in her dealings with members on the forums, yet she knew when to throw in the right amount of humor to lighten things up. Her industry experience always came through in helping others out on technical issues and she has a dedication to the industry that is unrivaled! I look forward to working with Melanie for many years to come.”