CAD Management and Analytics Webcasts

If you've spent any time with me, you might notice that I geek out a bit over data. Yes, I know that randomly spouting applicable statistics in the middle of a conversation might not get me invited to many parties, but, that won't stop me from doing it.
The beautiful thing about all of the discussions on 'big data' recently, is that they are bringing to light how valuable tracking and analyzing data on a wide scale can be. There are countless ways to use collected information, even in our industry.

If you follow my profile link in the sidebar, you'll see my Google+ profile. That has really been my social media platform of choice recently. It's quick and easy and there are a ton of design geeks there sharing interesting content.
I've known Patrick Hughes for a good few years now, and we keep in touch mostly through G+ now. That's also where we met Ben Jones. Ben suggested that we get together and discuss how analytics can be applied in the design industry, and, really, who could say no to that!?!

September 24th, we kicked off the group discussion with a good talk on the Importance of Benchmarking in Analytics.

We got together in October for a general discussion on Analytics in CAD Management.

Our last discussion in November was a bigger group with a broader topic of cloud computing and cloud data access. A little bit of a branch off from our typical data-centric talks, but, still pretty interesting to chat about the different perspectives from each of our companies and personal preferences.
And, yes, I totally managed to work in (yet again), results from the AUGI Annual Survey 2012.

These hangouts are broadcast live on Google+, but, you can find the recordings uploaded later to BenSJones' Youtube Channel

Props to Ben for herding us all together and leading the discussions, as well as to everyone who has participated (Chris, Patrick, Curt, Jonathan, Jeff, Steve and Marv).
The discussions so far have been fun, and if you've got some resources regarding analytics as applied to the design industry, or more webcast discussion topic ideas, please share them!


Calling all Coders at AU2012

Sweet prizes, too bad I'm such a noob when it comes to programming...

from Autodesk:

APPHACK Entries are due Nov 14!

Time is running out to submit your idea for a chance to earn a $5000 prize!

APPHACK @ AU is a virtual code-fest to produce apps/plugins for AutoCAD using the ObjectARX and/or .NET APIs, and it's open to any ADN member who can produce a working app/plugin for AutoCAD. The event culminates in a live demo at Autodesk University in Las Vegas on November 26, 2012. Simply submit your app and a demo video and you're in the running for some nice prizes. But hurry - the deadline for submissions is 11:59pm Pacific on Wednesday, 14 November, 2012.

Submit something you already have or write something new. Just do it soon so you're in the running for one of the great prizes! The theme for the event is Connecting AutoCAD to the Cloud - entries that most closely adhere to the theme will earn advanced placement. Check out Autodesk Exchange Apps for examples.

1st Prize:  US$5000
2nd Prize: US$2000
3rd Prize:  US$1000

Ten finalists will be awarded iPad Minis.

Register Now
In order to win, you must be present to perform a live demo of your app in Las Vegas on November 26. You do not need to be registered for AU to compete.

For full details, visit the registration site


Play a Game, Learn Some Software, Win a Workstation?

We're competitive.

We may say we're not, but, let's face it, we like to have motivation. Anyone who is familiar with Khan Academy can see how successful this method of learning is.

Autodesk is running a contest right now, for folks who download a trial version of The AutoCAD Design Suite and play a game to win a prize pack consisting of a standalone license (it is upgradeable, not NFR) of AutoCAD Design Suite Standard 2013, a Lenovo S30 workstation and an iPad® worth over $6,500.
The suite includes AutoCAD®, AutoCAD® Raster Design, Autodesk® Sketchbook® Designer, Autodesk® Showcase® and Autodesk® Mudbox®

You can see Shaan Hurley's writeup on the contest here:

And you can sign up to participate here:
(this is not in any way tied to your Autodesk login, it's a separate site)

Personally, I'm downloading the trial right now, and I will be giving it a try. I have not reviewed any of the missions ahead of time, and I'm only familiar with two of the five software packages in this suite... so, it should be amusing to see how poorly I will do. Let's see who can beat my scores. I'll tweet my scores later, once I've run a couple of 'missions.'


You've been using Navisworks Too Long When...

You know you've been using Navisworks too long when...

... you organize your kitchen into selection sets. Spices, baking goods, plates, glasses, silverware, sauces.

... you're driving down the road on a rainy night, can hardly see in front of you and you wish you could adjust your clipping planes to see what's further up the road.

... you see someone talking on the cellaphone while driving and think "There should be a rule against that!" and then you start figuring out the selection sets in your head to make the rules.

... you have 13,300+ clashes in your model, you create a rule that narrows down one process pipe and the insulation on it that's causing 5,100 clashes and when you get excited about your results, you can't find anyone that understands you.

... you've ever been to a New Balance shoe store and asked the attendant if they have one with a Green N on the side.

... you've just read through this list and at least 3 of them apply to you.

Thanks to Paul Jordan for sharing these with me. Anyone else have anything to add to Paul's list?

Looking for some more laughs?

You know you've been using AutoCAD too long when... 

You  might be a Redneck CAD Tech if...

You might be a Design Diva if...

If Poe did CAD...