Revit Systems in Facilities Management (FM)/Who's Teaching BIM?

I've been speculating on the feasibility of something like this for quite a while.

I'd love to have all of the systems in my facility documented in a program like this... tired of all of the CAFM programs being about managing the assets... we need to be able to manage the facility as well.

*Could* one of these programs be used in this manner? Yes? No? Not yet?

I'd love to hear thoughts on this from people. I'm curious if any contractors/designers/engineers are using a program like ABS or Revit Systems (or planning to), and whether you have any clients who are aware and interested in using your construction documentation in order to maintain their infrastructure?

I'm reposting some comments from this thread on the Autodesk discussions groups, as a response to my question as to how soon schools will be able to produce designers and engineers that are familiar with this type of software.

The following colleges & high schools are either teaching Revit Building in a design studio, BIM course or are making it available to their students.
· Top 5 US Architectural Colleges/Universities (Design Intelligence 2005)
1. Yale University
2. Penn State
3. Texas A&M
4. Iowa State
5. Rice University (Spring 2006)
· 73 Universities/Colleges in North America
· 163 High Schools in North America

As BIM adoption grows in the building industry, so does the use of BIM in educational curricula. BIM is being leveraged within several universities around the world and students who have hands-on access and training to this way of working are not only accelerating their design thinking and studio work, but laying the foundation for dramatically advancing their future in the industry.


2006 can turn AEC Objects into basic entities!!!

It appears that I'm not quite the faithful Between the Lines reader that I should be.

Check out this post by Shaan Hurley on how to gain this functionality by loading the AecArchXOE.cui
I haven't tested it out yet, but I will definitely make use of it.

Look around and you'll see more useful stuff like and online New Feature's Workshop for 2007.

Check out Heidi Hewett's blog for some videos to see some new features in action.

Also be aware that a new object enabler for 2004-2006 products has been made available to ensure proper viewing of ADT 2007 objects.

AUGI and Autodesk have updated their peet to peer forums to include the new products, be sure to pop in and see what they're saying!

I would try to type more, but, I tried to cut off one of my fingers the other day and typing is a little painful for me. More soon.


Revit Users Group Kansas City, ACAD2007 in Denver, Revit Seattle

hey, look at the AUGI LUG forum!

I want to invite everyone in the new Kansas City Revit User Group. The second meeting will be April 20th at the Thornton-Tomasetti offices from 6pm to 8pm.From approx 6:15 to 7pm, Avatec will be giving a demo of the Revit interface. From 7:15 to 8pm there will be a presentation from JE DUNN on how that contractor is using Revit. Avatec will be providing pizza and beverages. All are welcome.

Mark your calendars! Denver's Local User Group, PAUG, is proud to present Heidi Hewett, Autodesk Technical Marketing Manager and Nate Bartley, Autodesk Beta Coordinator. You are invited to see a FREE presentation AutoCAD 2007. Don't miss this great opportunity to see the features of AutoCAD 2007. This event will give you the heads up you need and allow you to network with other Autodesk Enthusiasts in the Denver Metro Area. For more information on the location visit: www.paug.org/westwood.htm Pizza and refreshments will be provided, so bring your appetite for food and knowledge!

Seattle Revit User Group meeting on March 23rd 11:30am to 1:30pm at Miller Hull's office, 71 Columbia Sixth Floor. There will be a demo of Revit 9 by an autodesk rep


Not Just for CAD Managers

I'd recommend a browse of this page on Mark Kiker's CAD Management website for some fantastic topics. Don't be put off by the fact that this is a CADManager-geared website, everyone will be able to benefit from the varied topics. From Time Management, Home Use Licensing & Diagnosing problems, there's a little something for everyone here.

Then, pop over and check out Robert Green's articles. Topics range from lsp to Document Management.

That also goes for the CAD Management forum on AUGI. There are a lot of helpful topics in there that the average CADdie can benefit from .

On a totally unrelated topic, if you or someone you know has an autoimmune disorder, and aren't sure where to find resources and information, check out the Autoimmune Information Network. A.I.N. is a non-profit organization (Charities Regisration Number CH2627600 and 501(c)3 number 010830256 ) that was specifically formed to help patients and family members with any of the over 145+ known autoimmune diseases. A.I.N. helps direct patients and families to medication assistance programs, support groups, help with paperwork and applications, even find monetary resources if the need arises. We can help you find doctors that specialize in these diseases, and act as patient advocates, if the need arises.



EXPERT in Autocad

nope... I'm not talking about a person... I'm talking about a system variable!

the below is from AutoCAD help files:

Initial value: 0

EXPERT - Controls whether certain prompts are issued.
0 Issues all prompts normally.

1 Suppresses “About to regen, proceed?” and “Really want to turn the current layer off?”

2 Suppresses the preceding prompts and “Block already defined. Redefine it?” (BLOCK) and “A drawing with this name already exists. Overwrite it?” (SAVE or WBLOCK).

3 Suppresses the preceding prompts and those issued by the LINETYPE command if you try to load a linetype that’s already loaded or create a new linetype in a file that already defines that linetype.

4 Suppresses the preceding prompts and those issued by UCS Save and VPORTS Save if the name you supply already exists.

5 Suppresses the prompt, “That name is already in Use, redefine it?” issued by the -DIMSTYLE Save option when you supply the name of an existing dimension style.

When a prompt is suppressed by EXPERT, the operation in question is performed as though you entered y at the prompt. Setting EXPERT can affect scripts, menu macros, AutoLISP, and the command functions.

Be sure to check out Lynn Allen's blog for some of the new features and improvements we can expect in 2007. She's got some screenshots and steps to follow. Also, it's not all about 3d, she mentions some other features as well (such as the improved x-ref palette, fields, tables, model/layout tabs, dynamic input, palette improvements, dwf underlay, printing to pdf, etc)


What to expect with Autocad 2007 + My Favorites

Well... yesterday we were free to talk about the upcoming release of autocad, but, I didn't post anything up here because I had to work through lunch. Sorry to any faithful readers. ;)

Well, Shaan Hurley, as usual, is the best resource, since he's compiled all of the links I was going to post and more to other beta testers' blogs and tutorials and screenshots.

I haven't been as active this year as I'd like to be in learning about the new product, but, I'll tell you the three things that I will use most in my job...

internal pdf creation (I believe that's only 2D for now)
Flatshot (and additional flatten-type command, I say flatten type, because, unlike flatten, it won't have any effect on 2d linework, just 3D solids)
and my very favorite...
AECTOACAD (from help: You can create a new version of a drawing file with all proxy AEC objects exploded into basic AutoCAD objects. The new version of the drawing loses the intelligence of the custom AEC objects, but the resulting basic objects can be displayed and accessed in earlier versions of AutoCAD when object enablers are not available for those versions.)
I get so many drawings from outside contractors that were created in adt or something, and this will just help to relieve a lot of aggravation with aec objects, since only about 2% of those contractors have ever heard of their option 'export to autocad' ;)

And for those who are wondering, yes, the Screen Menu will still be there in autoCAD 2007.

Happy Cadding.