2006 can turn AEC Objects into basic entities!!!

It appears that I'm not quite the faithful Between the Lines reader that I should be.

Check out this post by Shaan Hurley on how to gain this functionality by loading the AecArchXOE.cui
I haven't tested it out yet, but I will definitely make use of it.

Look around and you'll see more useful stuff like and online New Feature's Workshop for 2007.

Check out Heidi Hewett's blog for some videos to see some new features in action.

Also be aware that a new object enabler for 2004-2006 products has been made available to ensure proper viewing of ADT 2007 objects.

AUGI and Autodesk have updated their peet to peer forums to include the new products, be sure to pop in and see what they're saying!

I would try to type more, but, I tried to cut off one of my fingers the other day and typing is a little painful for me. More soon.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Object Enabler needed between AutoCAD and ADT will create quite a few issues for users. Actually, it won't be the CAD managers that find themselves confused, but the average "Joe User" that doesn't know any better and begines to get error messages.

In the end the file format change will likely cause the most notable comments/problems yet it may be this that's the most frustrating symptom as it comes in the form of an error and not a message directly explaining the issue.