AUGI 2023 Annual Survey

It's that time of year again, folks! The running of the AUGI Annual Survey. Where YOU get to reveal how the industry is really faring.

How secure is your job? How busy is your company? Are you using AI? Are you back to office?

Take the Survey 

Open until July 18th!

(5 minutes, anonymous, results in the September issue of AUGIWorld Magazine)

If you have not taken the survey, please feel free to watch this video where I took the survey and you can hear my dulcet tones talking through my thoughts on how I answered some of the questions.

YouTube walkthrough of AUGI Salary Survey

This image is a snapshot from the 2022 survey, showing average page, and highlighting a couple of facts. Feel free to check the salary survey archives to see past surveys in full.

This is a snapshot of our survey results so far in 2023. Civil/Surveying/GIS has a pretty good lead on participation. If you'd like to see more representation of your industry, please share the survey link with your coworkers and colleagues.

Finally, this is a snapshot of the most common markets served (industry served).

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