AUGI posts June 2006 Wishlist Results

AutoCAD Wish List: June 2006 Results

from the AUGI blog (BLAUGI) :

1,246 members voted for their top 10 wishes from a list of almost 270 wishes submitted by your AUGI colleagues. I am very pleased to present the top 10 wishes from this latest voting cycle.
  1. Dimensions on the correct layer

  2. Valid Hatch Boundary Error

  3. Break symbol in dim lines

  4. Better insertion of word or excel files into AutoCAD

  5. Compare Drawings

  6. Draworder setting for layers

  7. 3D to 2D conversion tool

  8. Double click to open dimensions

  9. Create hatches

  10. Default Printer when opening drawing with unrecognized printer
You can continue to submit new wishes for the AutoCAD Wish List; the next voting cycle will begin in October. The results of all three voting cycles from this year (February, June and October) will be combined and submitted formally to Autodesk at AU in November in Las Vegas. You can see the full results of this voting cycle, and all the post voting cycles on the AutoCAD Product Community Wish List Page.

see the details of the wishes all in one location, with links back to their original augi.com forum discussions here on
Shaan Hurley's blog.

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