Adding SelectSimilar to Right-Click menu in 2005 and below

Adding SelectSimilar to the right-click menu in AutoCAD 2005:

In a previous post, I showed some code from Adam W, and now we're going to create an easy way to access that command.

First, I’ve got to find the ACAD.MNS file (run ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX to find = "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Autodesk\Autodesk Map 3D 2005\R16.1\enu\Support"
(I usually like to make a copy of this before I get started… just in case ).

We’ll be adding the new command under the ***POP502 section (this is the right-click menu that shows when objects are selected)

You can navigate to desired location in your .mns in Notepad by using C TRL+F (or Edit menu + Find) and typing in the section name.

Then enter the following code where you’d like the command inserted. I chose to place it under QSELECT’s entry:
ID_SelectSimilar [Select &Similar]selsim ^P

Save the file and restart AutoCAD.

Once you’ve selected an entity, you'll see your command in the right-click menu and you’ll have the instant ability to find all similar items without tedious picking (or figuring out the necessary options in QSELECT, which is also handy at times).


Anonymous said...

I can find the MNS file for 2002 but not for 2006. Is the MMR the same as the MNS file? Wordpad does not recognize the MMR file and jumbles the whole thing. I can find the POP section but I cant read anything beyond that to add the code.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

2006 does not have an mns file. That is the version that totally changed the customization of menus, etc.

That file is .cui

Call up CUI from the command line, and put in the command there.