Confirmation or Denial???

Ok... starting around lunchtime on Monday, I began being inundated with phone calls. Friends from all over were calling to ask about how much truth was in this post by Lynn Allen?

Well, I am happy to say that most of it is true.

I am, in fact, happily engaged to AUGI Board Member, Mike Perry.
We will NOT however, be tying the knot at AU... this mis-communication surely stemmed from Mike being overruled by the stronger-willed members of the board who, upon hearing of our intentions, immediately started planning our wedding.

Oh, and to clear up another point, I'm sure this was just a minor oversight, but, Lynn, I'm almost positive that Mike said 'Plasma TV's' rather than 'toasters', as you reported, just wanted to clear up any confusion! Thanks. ;)

We were actually IN the jewelry store getting my brand spanking new engagement ring adjusted when the first of the calls came in.

Anyway, the ring is gorgeous, we are happy (except for all of the attention we're receiving on various newsgroups and forums). And, I already mentioned that we're not getting married at AU, didn't I?

Thanks to everyone for the Congratulations and Well-wishes. It is strange to me to have been blessed enough to find love with someone with whom I have enjoyed working with for so long, although, we're not the first couple to have met via AUGI, and I'm sure we won't be the last.

(oh, and how much of a geek am I? I am strangely tickled by the fact that my initials will be MEP... hehehe... man, do I need to get out more...)
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