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AutoCAD and LT: No Experience Required XXXX - Technical Editor



Schedule Anything in AutoCAD MEP - Lab Assistant
AutoCAD Customization Boot Camp - Lab Assistant
AUGI 11th Annual Salary Survey - Writer / Analyst
Poll: Social Media Usage? (pdf download) - Author
CAD Management and Analytics Webcasts - Speaker
Poll: How much 3D work? (pdf download) - Author
Poll: First AutoCAD Version? (pdf download) - Author
Prepare for a Salary Review (survey announcement) - Author
Poll: Favorite AUGI feature? (pdf download) - Author
Poll: What was your first Revit version? (pdf download) - Author
Poll: Are you Searching Jobs? (pdf download) - Author
Poll: What version of AutoCAD? (pdf download) - Author
Poll: How Did You Hear About AUGI? (pdf download) - Author
AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013 Bible - Technical Editor
AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2013: No Experience Required - Technical Editor
Mastering AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2013 - Technical Editor


Schedule Anything in ACA or AMEP - Lab Assistant
2011 Salary Survey Podcast (with Mark Kiker) - Speaker
AUGI 10th Annual Salary Survey  - Survey Manager
Up Next: Your Architectural Career, 3.0 - Interviewee
iPads Change the Game for Construction - Author
Autodesk University Quarterly - Interviewee
Mastering AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD LT 2012 - Technical Editor
AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT 2012: No Experience Required - Technical Editor


AU2010: BIM - One Size Does Not Fit All - Panelist
AU2010: Media Commentary - Interviewee
CSI - St.Louis - BIM Bottom Line - Panelist
AUGI 9th Annual Salary Survey - Survey Manager
100 Fabulous Freebies for the CAD User -  Contributing Expert (recommended 13 must-have programs)
CAD Management Podcasts with Mark Kiker - Writer/Podcaster
Finding a Design Job - Part 1
-- Where to look for job postings
Finding a Design Job - Part 2
-- The process of the salary survey and how to use information from many sources to get the best overall picture
Finding a Design Job - Part 3
-- A discussion on networking, importance and benefits of giving as well as receiving
Finding a Design Job - Part 4
-- How good practices with resumes and cover letters can get your foot in the door
Finding a Design Job - Part 5
-- Interviewing skills, finding out if you're a good fit
Finding a Design Job - Part 6
-- Increasing your visibility and marketability (presentation, public speaking, your internet presence)

AutoCAD 2010: Odds and Ends - Author
Proposal review for Delmar | Cengage Learning 
AutoCAD Exchange - Speaker/Interviewee:
BlogNauseum: A Gaggle of Geeks - Interviewee


CADalyst - Contributing Editor
AUGIWorld Central America (Espanol) (print and electronic magazine)
           Mexican and Central American Salary Survey and Article
 AUGIWorld Brazil (Portuguese) (print and electronic magazine)
           Brazilian Salary Survey and Article 
AUGIWorld Europe (Deutsch) (print and electronic magazine)
           German, Swiss and Austrian Salary Survey and Article
AIA Convention : 'Leveraging your technical experiences as a writer' - Interviewee
TechNewsWorld Magazine: Cities of the Future, Part 1: The Hyperstructure Concept - Interviewee
(see also, my brief article: Contemplating MegaStructures)

Applying AutoCAD 2008 - Technical Editor

Women in Technology Networking Group Kickoff (Lewis & Clark) - Speaker



Gateway AUG Monthly Newsletter - Writer, Editor


AUGI Surveys - Survey Director (selection of survey/poll tools and topics, survey creation, tabulation, publishing of results in graphical format)
String Theory - Content Manager (topics about and highlights from the AUGI forums, published in AUGIWorld Magazine)


Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL) - Webmaster (site creation and update)
The NonTraditional Billiken -  Student Blogger for Saint Louis University
AutoCAD Community (user-run) - Community Chair (channel updates, team leadership)
Gateway AUG - Board Member (meeting organization, forum and news updating, presenting - Co-Founder, President 2006-2008)
AUGI Surveys - Monthly Survey Manager (html forms, tabulating results, posting reports - 2004-2007)