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If you've spent any time with me, you might notice that I geek out a bit over data. Yes, I know that randomly spouting applicable statistics in the middle of a conversation might not get me invited to many parties, but, that won't stop me from doing it.
The beautiful thing about all of the discussions on 'big data' recently, is that they are bringing to light how valuable tracking and analyzing data on a wide scale can be. There are countless ways to use collected information, even in our industry.

If you follow my profile link in the sidebar, you'll see my Google+ profile. That has really been my social media platform of choice recently. It's quick and easy and there are a ton of design geeks there sharing interesting content.
I've known Patrick Hughes for a good few years now, and we keep in touch mostly through G+ now. That's also where we met Ben Jones. Ben suggested that we get together and discuss how analytics can be applied in the design industry, and, really, who could say no to that!?!

September 24th, we kicked off the group discussion with a good talk on the Importance of Benchmarking in Analytics.

We got together in October for a general discussion on Analytics in CAD Management.

Our last discussion in November was a bigger group with a broader topic of cloud computing and cloud data access. A little bit of a branch off from our typical data-centric talks, but, still pretty interesting to chat about the different perspectives from each of our companies and personal preferences.
And, yes, I totally managed to work in (yet again), results from the AUGI Annual Survey 2012.

These hangouts are broadcast live on Google+, but, you can find the recordings uploaded later to BenSJones' Youtube Channel

Props to Ben for herding us all together and leading the discussions, as well as to everyone who has participated (Chris, Patrick, Curt, Jonathan, Jeff, Steve and Marv).
The discussions so far have been fun, and if you've got some resources regarding analytics as applied to the design industry, or more webcast discussion topic ideas, please share them!

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