What's New in my Office?

I just got a knock at the door and took possession of my copy of MAP 2006! Woo-hoo! 

I was involved with the beta testing cycle for the first time this year, but, I must admit that I spent most of my time exploring the new vanilla features.

I am looking forward to installing the new release, as I do every time I get my hands on a new toy... ahem, I meant, a new productivity-enhancing piece of software.
~laughs... then sighs~ Man! Do I need to get out more, or what?!?!

The best thing about the internet, is being secure in the comforting knowledge that I am not the only one, though!

I am still working on my upcoming big presentation.
The only problem with being the 'graphics person', and one of the few pc literate in the office, is that everyone else suddenly needs help with THEIR presentations, too... 
Gee... how nice, because I was getting so bored with my normal workload, my presentation, and any other random crisis that manages to crop up at the most inopportune moments.

On a brighter note... my sister is coming over to see me on Sunday, and we are going out and spending all day shopping... I've already planned our route to go by a good espresso stand, and the cheesecake factory... ahhh, girl time

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