Upgrading AutoCAD soon?

Upgrading AutoCAD soon?

That seems to be the question... some people can't upgrade, some people won't, some people would like to install the software sitting on a shelf... some people just like to look at the boxes.

Here at work I have vanilla 2002 & MAP 3D 2005 on my production machine. I am waiting for MAP 2006 to come out so that I can install that.

I have been using 2006 for awhile now (you might have read my review in the last issue of the ICC newsletter [now defunct], or gained that insight from reading my ~admittedly mostly inane~ posts on AUGI and Autodesk discussion groups). I have to admit that I'm really loving the new things like rollover highlighting and dynamic input. Going back to one of the older versions makes me sort of twitchy. Little things, but, they save a lot of aggravation with the type of work that I do.

Whether you're willing and able to update soon or not, ~cheers~ to those who make the best of use of what technology they have access to...

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