Rambling about Sociology...

A friend sent me a link this morning from MSN... http://articles.health.msn.com/id/100103843
This article ranks St. Louis at the #4 most depressed city in America. ~raised eyebrow~ I don't know about all that.
Hmm, 3 of the top 4 happiest are in Texas... interesting.

This made me think of other sociologically themed conversations that I had been a part of on the AUGI forums... pop by and check some of them out for some interesting reading (I believe that you'll have to be logged in to the forums in order to see this Off-Topic area):

The above links take you to some interesting conversations, if you're up for some quasi-deep sociological stimulation ala' 2am discussions with college buddies.

Okay, so the 2nd one in that list is more of a giggle than a deep introspection, but, I'm sure you can see how it ties in.

Because I find the above type of discussions very interesting, I have a little folder on my hard drive dedicated to bits and pieces I've picked up. The topics really run the gamut, anything from Horoscope profiles/Relationships (male/female, parent/child, professional, etc) and psychology articles.

I also have another folder dedicated to hard sciences. Black holes, birth of the universe, biology, health issues/breakthroughs, etc... too bad I suck at school... I do tend to enjoy science a rather lot. Dang do I need to get out more, or what? ~laughs at self~
I wonder if a LUG meeting counts as getting out. ~looks hopeful~

Tonight is a meeting of the Gateway Autodesk Users Group! We'll be doing a little Q&A about AutoCAD 2006! It will, again, be held at the Sunset Hills Campus of Vatterott college.
We will be having some St. Louis-style pizza from Cecil Whitaker's, mm m, my favorite!

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