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As I mentioned last June, I have doubled my course load at Saint Louis University's School for Professional Studies. My summer semester really kicked my tail with some hard classes, and I certainly stayed busy in the fall, but, I had every intention of making some quality blog posts while I was on winter break.

Of course, I didn't know that I'd be extended the wonderful opportunity to work as the Technical Editor on the next edition of AutoCAD: No Experience Required. The author updating the text is fellow under-30 blogger, Donnie Gladfelter (better known as The CAD Geek).
I first had the pleasure of meeting Donnie at the AutoCAD 2010 launch (my tweets), and also caught up with him at AU2009. You can check out some of his videos and Ask the Expert archive from the AutoCAD Exchange (we recorded our videos in the same studio and I still crack up when I remember how many times he had to start over to prevent himself from saying 'paramedic' constraints hehehe).
So, obviously, there are a lot of deadlines associated with working with Donnie, and the fine folks at Wiley, so I've been neglecting my blog even further. I apologize, especially to those kind readers who emailed me to make sure I hadn't actually fallen off the face of the planet.


Now, with regard to my day job, I'm currently managing one of the largest projects I've ever been assigned (Project Management ups and downs = Upside: I don't have to do the work myself. Downside = Tons and tons of paperwork.), so that is fairly exciting.

Obviously we're also still in our slow ramp up to BIM adoption in my facility, trying to make sure the lines of communication are clearly open with everyone staying in the loop and driving toward the same goals. It's extremely interesting and a great learning experience.

Also, we've essentially completed our long review of CMMS systems and should be making our final decision soon, then we move onto the adoption/migration itself. It's... long overdue.

In addition to our normal construction and troubleshooting, our office is as busy as always.


School continues to be a challenge. The courses are run on compressed eight-week schedules, so that makes for some long nights and a lot of homework, it's extremely intense. However, my Professors are all really great teachers, I've felt engaged in all of my courses, and I sure don't remember that from my previous forays into the world of academia.

My current class is Programming Logic and Design, in a few weeks, I'll begin Organizational Studies and Principles of Event-driven Programming. Really good courses.

I'm also a student blogger (I know, I'm SORRY!) and am looking forward to volunteering at an upcoming Blood Drive with the ASL.


Remember, if you want to chat with some of the local St. Louis CAD geeks, pop into the Gateway AUG's google group forum.

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Bryan said...

As another member of the "under 30" CAD blogger crowd (I'm newer to the blogging game than most, coming up on my 1 year anniversary) I have definitely seen the difficulties in consistent attention to the blog when so much else in life is going on. Good luck with school, work, editing, and all the other joys life brings you.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...


lol, thanks.
Yeah, I found blogging was easier and faster than the monthly newsletter that I used to put out... and tweeting is now quicker and easier than the blogging...

I've got notes for dozens of blog posts, but, actually getting the time to sit down and flesh them out is another thing isn't it?