Geeks Communicating (from AU2009)

I know, I should really do a real summary post from the wonderful experience that was Autodesk University 2009, but, for the moment, I'll simply share an image with you from the AUGI booth in the Exhibit Hall (at the request of fellow blogger, RobiNZ)
Between work, checking schedules, keeping touch at home and with other attendees you're trying to meet up with... mobile devices were EVERYWHERE. While I was charging my smartphone at the booth, I was chatting with some pals... when I suddenly realized they were all 'checking in' at the same time during a lull in our conversation (I swear, contrary to popular belief, we were NOT communicating with each other via text or tweet at this time) and I found it amusing.

I call this piece "Geeks Communicating"

From left to right:
Frank Mayfield, Robin Capper, Ray Gorman, Matt Stachoni, Paul Kirill


Robin Capper said...

Wasn't it a tribute to, missing that day as unwell, tweet CAD geek extraordinarie @MrCadMan? :)

Anonymous said...

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