AU notes: CADalyst

While at Autodesk University 2009, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the CADalyst writer's breakfast.

I had a lovely time meeting and chatting with the CADalyst/Longitude Media staff (Seth, Nancy and Cyrena), as well as a couple of experienced authors and tech gurus, Bill Fane and Paul Aubin.
I don't want to sound like too much of a fan-girl, but, I was pretty much beside myself getting to talk with these guys in this circumstance (fun fact: Bill has been writing for CADalyst since I was in kindergarten, wow!).
While I resisted the urge to do anything lame like ask for autographs, I did have to ask for a photo.

Look at me!!! Hangin with Bill & Paul!!! :-D

The big news from the discussion was that CADalyst can now be bought in print. The sample issue I saw is slightly larger than a traditional magazine, and with a much higher quality paper.

For more writing/editing geeks, here's my report from AU2007 on all of the great folks I have worked with.

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