Woohoo! A new Revit MEP blog!

Alright, Kyle B (Revit MEP Product Manager) has finally joined this generation and started a weblog for RMEP! (okay, Kyle and I are of the same generation, but, whatever, you get my point)

Those of you who hang out on the discussion groups would know Kyle not only for his frequent postings, but, also for his how-to videos!

I did a quick search (from the webside) of the Autodesk Discussion groups and found at least a dozen of his videos posts. So, he promises to continue that trend and utilize video on his new blog.

He's also got links to the other RMEP bloggers out there, as well as to the Revit Systems resources page on the Autodesk site.

And for those who work with me... no, I don't currently use BIM in my Facility. Being a Facility Manager for me is all about Building Systems (MEPFP), so I have been keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry. And, a good thing I have, because my corporate overlords recently announced that they will be phasing in BIM over the next couple of years, and I will be prepared.

You know, being a Mom and a working woman and a homeowner and a wife and a LUG president and an AUGI Volunteer does NOT leave me with a whole heck of a lot of free time.
I was pumping other users for information at the recent St. Louis AUGI CAD Camp about their experiences with local Revit training, and I'd picked out an instructor based on their recommendations... but, let's face it... I'm too swamped to take off of work, and too busy to arrange other times. SO! instead, I'm trying out the Revit Training on CAD Learning. They don't currently offer any RMEP classes, but, I need to just get familiar with the Revit interface plain and simple before I begin to delve into Systems. I've been an AutoCAD user since R10, so I've got a lot to let go of.

But, I was reading in Robert Green's recent article in CADalyst (Managing 2D and 3D in the same office page 2 online) where he states that he believes a good indicator of how well someone adapts to the 3D switch is how handy they are with computers overall. So, being the office go-to-girl, I did feel a little bit better about really tackling this training.

I started the Revit Building 9 series on CADLearning, which consists of 11 hours of training split between 104 lessons. I went through the first dozen videos over the weekend. They really ease you into the interface and options (it helps when they make applicable comparisons with other software products like autocad and word, it's comforting). I'm really liking it so far. I've been able to follow all of these early lessons, but, when I did get a tiny bit lost, I just rewound the video a little bit and watched it again.

I'll keep you guys up to date on my progress as I go along (well, any of you Reviteers will see me posting questions on the discussion groups, I'm sure, but, I know you guys are nice to noobs).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for finding this, incredibly good timing!

See: http://rcd.typepad.com/rcd/2007/10/inside-the-syst.html

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

"woohoo indeed" ;-p
I was tickled to have 'scooped' my husband on this one, glad I was able to help spread the word to you, too.

It is nice to see some more MEP, isn't it? I assume you'll be keeping us up to date with your RMEP experiences on your own blog?