Cast your vote! Autocad, Revit Architecture, Civil3d and Inventor

Alright, I'm back from my two-week sabbatical. Prior to leaving for vacation, I had a great CAD Camp experience, yet again. One of the highlights was when I got to chat again with Robert Green briefly about his recently wrapped up CAD Manager Survey and our ongoing AUGI Salary Survey. I loved my classes, those guys put on a great day of training; thanks to Matt, David, Robert, Dan, Melody, etc, and those from SV and Hagerman who organized this day. MUCH better venue and MUCH MUCH better catering than last year's event... luckily, same great instruction and networking. Kudos to David and Matt who presented at the user group meetings the evening before, and to Seiler, Hagerman and D3 who sponsored our food and drink and gave out nice pressies (Pat Stack is my hero with the Starbuck's card, I must admit). NOW, on to the point of my post! It's wishlist time... users make wishes in their AUGI Product Community, then their peers comment on them, then their peers vote on them, then their AUGI Volunteers pass the wishes directly on to Autodesk who usually implements them. Wowee. autocad http://www.augi.com/autocad/ballot.asp revit architecture http://www.augi.com/revit/ballot.asp civil 3d http://www.augi.com/civil3d/ballot.asp inventor http://www.augi.com/inventor/ballot.asp And, since you're up there sharing your opinions on product improvements, why not pop over and vote for a design to adorn the shirts of the AUGI Top DAUG participants at this year's Autodesk University? top daug http://www.augi.com/autodeskuniversity/tshirts.asp Now, about my lovely vacation... two weeks spent with my fabulous family and some wonderful friends... it couldn't have been more perfect. We had really good weather, even better food, and even more spectacularly fun conversations. Ireland is just as green and beautiful as I remember it, and springing up with more building and roadworks, England was lovely and historic, but, positively BRISTLING with cranes and other evidence of massive building projects. We got to visit Leed's and Hever castles and while they were lovely and enjoyable, they couldn't hold a candle to the awe-inspiring St. Paul's and Canterbury Cathedrals. Not only are they gorgeous buildings whose designs we studied and admired, they're also a step directly into the past. We had great weather for our viewing from the London Eye to take in Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the Omnimax at the Science Museum (my husband worked on that :-D), St. Paul's, the Thames, Tower Bridge, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and we also had curry, twice... yeah, we had fish and chips, too, but, our crew was definitely more excited about the fine Indian food. :-)

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