CAD/Design Salary Information

The Autodesk User's Group International is running it's Annual CAD/Design Salary Survey right now.

The information gathered will be printed in the January/February issue of the free bi-monthly AUGIWorld Magazine.

*The point of this post is to solicit more respondents for our survey.* We need user input to provide the results of this survey!

To find out more, please read the FAQ in the www.AUGI.com/surveys area, here are some highlights:

Is the survey anonymous?
--YES, it is totally anonymous... But, yes, you are required to login with your free augi member account in order to participate in and read the results of the survey. The login is mandatory so that we can be sure no one is skewing the results of the survey by taking it multiple times.
--But, NO, there is no way for ME, the Salary Survey Manager, to link any single line of data in my spreadsheet to an individual user

What is the purpose of the survey?
--To reveal average salaries for many job titles
--To indicate which fields pay the most
--To indicate which disciplines have the greatest levels of job security and job satisfaction
--To show how certain things affect pay (world region, level of experience, education received, gender, etc)
--To gauge the health of the building/design market

Is it a query-able survey like Salary.com?
--No. You have to pick all categories applicable to you and average them out yourself. Sorry.

PLEASE, take 5 minutes out of your day and participate. We've got 6 more days left (survey ends October 31st), and we're still about 1,800 responses fewer than last year. I know this issue of AUGIWorld is popular and constantly downloaded, so please do your part and provide a little information for others to share.

Fellow bloggers and networkers of any ilk, I'd really appreciate it if you could remind your buds about this chance to contribute!

To see past survey results (magazine spread, as well as additional results posted to the site):
2006 - http://www.augi.com/surveys/default.asp?page=1440
2005 - http://www.augi.com/surveys/default.asp?page=1053
(must be logged in to access the archives - don't forget to read the FAQ, it also contains a list of the questions asked)

Thank you to those who have and will participate, we're all volunteers trying to provide resources to one another, and you guys are the ones who really make this possible.


Melanie Perry
Volunteer AUGI Salary Survey Manager
Volunteer AUGI AutoCAD Community Chair
Volunteer GatewayAUG President
Freelance Writer/Editor/Proofreader

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Anonymous said...

1,800 fewer than last year? Wow...

One thing I've noticed lately is that I'm not really reading CADalyst or AUGI World as much as I used to. I'm curious if this is a growing trend? With the world of Google, RSS feeds, and Blogs the content in these publications are feeling more and more irrelevent. Also, sites such as Salary.com tend to be a bit more exacting in the value of my knowledge/job position in my part of the country.

Does this mean these publications don't have value? No, they have value, but I question if their "level of value" is on par to what they once were... I can say with great certainty that they do not. Reviewing things in a publication that I know I want to find information on really isn't as useful as it once was as I can now just do an internet search.

You'll find poles that state the #1 reason people read these magazines is for "Tips and Tricks"... but what does that really mean? They want to find stuff that either can't be found anywhere else or information on items they didn't know that they didn't know. Its about another source of information, not covering information that can be found.

Yes, it's off topic, but its an issue that needs to be addressed for other topics (like the Salary Survey) to get the attention they need.