Photos from Meetings of the Gateway Autodesk User's Group

Photo Album...

I've posted the photos I've taken at nearly every Gateway AUG meeting on my yahoo page in a Gateway AUG album (2004-2006).

I missed the spring meeting last year (Scott's last meeting as President), as I was busy eloping a few hundred miles away, so no photos of that; and I haven't yet posted the pictures that GAUG Board Member Ken Franz took at
our Fall meeting, but, I hope to do so soon.

I did include shots from the St. Louis CAD Camp last October, as most of the Top DAUGs were GAUG members and over half of the attendees were as well!

And the last photo (of the 100 I have uploaded so far) is of the swag Mike and I have been collecting for the users over the past few months. We've got some cool stuff in there from AUGI, Autodesk and Cadopolis (our website sponsor) to give away at our meetings this year. The first one is tentatively scheduled for mid-March. We've gotten a food/refreshments sponsor and I am awaiting confirmation on the meeting date from the location and finalizing a speaker.

Don't worry, GAUG Board Member Brian Myers (co-founder and past President) is already scouting a new location and securing a date for the June meeting and we will announce it as soon as possible.

I apologize for this one taking so long to get hammered out. I was promised sponsorship/location/speaker last fall for a January or February meeting but nothing was ever finalized and the winter is my busiest time of year thanks to the AUGI Annual Salary Survey, holidays and this year I had the added pressures of contributing writing to an AutoCAD book (I'll make an official announcement about that as soon as I have a URL to refer you to); so that's my excuse for not beating something more solid out of the sponsors.

So, check out the photos... AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, LDT, ADT, 3d Scanner, etc... all great meeting topics with great presenters and great members in the audience. From our first meeting at the Engineer's Club of St. Louis to Vatterott Technical College and Hagerman's CityPlace office to SLU's campus; you'll see plenty of scenery.

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