Last File Opened Not Highlighted

Just got a question in my inbox today; this hasn't happened to me personally and after looking up the answer on the autodesk knowledgebase, I can see why...

Last file opened not highlighted
ID: TS72986
Applies to:
AutoCAD® 2005, AutoCAD® 2004, AutoCAD® 2002, AutoCAD® 2000i, AutoCAD® 2000, AutoCAD LT® 2005, AutoCAD LT® 2004, AutoCAD LT® 2002, AutoCAD LT® 2000i, AutoCAD LT® 2000
When opening drawings, you find that in the Select file dialog box that the last opened file is not highlighted .
This occurs when, in the Folder Options dialog box, the operating system variable, Hide File Extensions for Known File Types, is selected.
Use the following steps to clear this option:

1. Start Windows Explorer.
2. Select Tools > Folder Options.
3. In the dialog box, click the View tab.
4. Clear the Hide File Extensions for Known File Types option.
Now... the reason that I've never experienced this is that I adjust my windows explorer settings as soon as I get a new pc (or a reinstall of an os). I like to see all of my file extensions, especially since you need to be able to see your extensions to rename your .bak files to .dwg files when you have a crash resulting in a corrupted file (which, admittedly, doesn't happen to me nearly as much as it used to, but, old habits are hard to break).

Also, props to the KB... I couldn't find this answer with Google (my usual first choice), but, it was my top hit when I moved my search to the adesk site.


BethPowell said...

Also, the old favorite REMEMBERFOLDERS will take you back to the last directory.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Ah, yes, an oldie and a goodie...

btw... I'm getting some line wrap, so I'll split the url...


Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks for this solution! After much Googling, I finally nailed the right search term and your page popped up. :)

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

:-D I'm glad I managed to help!

As I mentioned, I got nowhere Googling either, so I just HAD to post about it to make sure the answer was out and 'googlable' instead of just tucked away in the knowledgebase. ;)