My blog has Tags!

Alright, I've finally finished going through a couple hundred blog postings to make sure they now all have tags (thank you to blogger for adding this feature!).

I've simplified some topics so that the tags don't get so specific that there's only one post under each...

So, whether you're here to keep up with:

Announcements and discussion about the Gateway Autodesk User's Group
Facilities Management issues
AutoCAD Tips
Mentions and Tips for various applications
AUGI announcements and reminders
Education resources

navigation is only a click or two away.

Also, the comments section is evidently working again for my posts, so please! feel free to Comment!

Also, you might have noticed my FavIcon here on the site. My husband has been reworking the layout for BLAUGI (I love the dropdowns! don't you?) and dug up the procedures for adding an icon to the site and shared them with me. Although, the steps were fewer for TypePad than for Blogger, I eventually got it figured out.
I know the avatar is really tiny, but, for the curious, it is the shot used in the 2006 CAD Salary Survey published in the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of AUGIWorld magazine.

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