National Novel Writing Month

Alright, I want to do it... I'm not sure if I can, but, I've accepted the challenge:

To write a 50,000 word novella in 30 days. Starting November 1st.

Tomorrow there is a regional kickoff at a local Panera store. So, hey, at least it is an excuse to have a coffee and something yummy from their bakery. I have been reading some of the posts in their forums, especially from the St. Louis area, and there seem to be some really cool and interesting people in there.

It's great reading comments from people with such a love of words and language! Lots of different backgrounds... students, accountants, engineers, biochemists, teachers, lawyers, ministers, historians, a mortician (wow), national guard, graphic designers and librarians... AND THAT'S JUST FROM ST. LOUIS! Wow what a dynamic group!

So, writing a genre novel will be a little different from my typical tech articles, but, I really hope I will have time after the AUGI CAD/Design Salary Survey to participate!

Hmm, I wonder if I can work Building Information Modeling and Facilities Management (BIM/FM) into a story-line somehow? ~pondering~

Alright, there were some technical difficulties, so I don't believe this post was published yet, so I'll go ahead and update it before pushing it live.

I did attend the kickoff gathering at the SLBCo. Good coffee, cool people.

It was really inspirational to hear people bouncing ideas off of one another...
I must admit it was really ODD to just sort of tune into random conversations around the room. WOW. So, I hope I have time for some participation, it's gotten me really hyped to do some more writing again.

Cheers to all NaNo participants around the world! Good luck.


quantumtea said...

Hello there! Look forward to seeing you at the write-ins, it was nice to meet you todayy!


Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Hello Ali! It was great meeting you, too. I had a lot of fun.

Giiiirl, I just went to your site, you SLAY ME! You're just hilarious, keep up the good writing.