Engineering is cool... no, really!

Alright, another nod to FacilityBlog... they made a post about ASHRAE's music/commentary video called 'License to Chill'. The lyrics are suprisingly good, the engineers commenting throughout the video are young and relatively hip-looking overall (read, somewhat dorky guys and really pretty women).

ASHRAE has a few things going on to interest and support Students and that is just awesome. Here's the License to Chill page on their website.

Licensed to Chill features a hot soundtrack and interviews with young members highlighting the importance of our industry, the diverse and creative career opportunities, and the difference our industry is making related to sustainability. The video drives home the message that our industry truly engineers the world we live in, and that young people don’t want to miss out on the chance to be a part of that. The video will be made available to middle and high schools that seek information about careers in engineering from ASHRAE. It is also available for download in several formats

computer, iPod and PSP formats of the video available for download. Looks like they're covering as many bases as possible.

So, check out their site for Faces of Engineering, Absolute Zero, the Solar Decathalon, Jets and other students resources (mostly free).

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