Assigning an IP Address on HP800ps JetDirect Card

I had some problems when putting my HP800ps on the network. The IT guys had assigned a specific IP address to it that they wanted me to use. The card comes pre-programmed with an IP addy, but, you should be able to change it fairly easily.
I say *should* but, it was slightly convoluted. The IT guy couldn't quite access the ability, and the Help files were NOT a help.

So, I did what I do and posed the question to an Autodesk newsgroup.

Meanwhile, the IT guy physically takes the card from plotter and puts it into a desktop HP printer owned by our receptionist, and uses that to program in the number. He puts it back into the plotter and we're good to go.

After he'd worked around it, I went back and checked for some answers.

Matt Stachoni went and tried his out again and came back with these steps:

Basically, it goes like this:
Go to Top Menu > Setup Menu > I/O setup > Card Setup > Configuration

When you get to CFG NETWORK=NO* hit , then the UP arrow to YES and hit to accept this. This modifies the menu system to allow access to the card settings.

Now, hit the UP arrow (^) to start configuring the network parameters. Keep hitting the ^ arrow to access the next setting. Hit enter to change a setting, then use the UP arrow to set the setting, to accept, then UP to the next setting.

I use the following settings (* denotes the default setting on my plotter)
CFG TCP/IP=NO* : Hit UP arrow to YES, to accept, UP arrow to next...
IP BYTE 1 - 4 =
SM BYTE 1-4 is your Subnet Mask, which should be
GW BYTE 1-4 is your Internet Gateway address
LG BYTE 1-4 is something I don't know, I used

Everything else was by default (I didn't configure DNS).
Hope it helped.

So, thanks to Matt for taking the time to document that for me, I'm putting it here to share with others (with Matt's permission), as I think it is a valuable little piece of information that could save others some frustrations.

Happy plotting.


R.K. McSwain said...

I'm surprised that the 800 doesn't have a built in web server so you can adjust these settings from your PC...

The 4500 does.

R.K. McSwain said...

BTW: here is the HP support document on this procedure.


Anonymous said...

It does have web-enabled configuration capabilities; it's just that if the TCP/IP address isn't correct, it may be difficult or impossible to launch it.