Dean Koontz on Wiki

Not what he's got to say about it, of course, but, what it's got to say about him.

I have been a Koontz connoisseur since Jr. High school. I was a voracious reader at that time anyway, but, once I picked up my first Koontz book, it was over! I fell in love. Which is sort of funny, considering that the book was Icebound, and I didn't really care for it.

He is a cross-genre writer, which works really well with my ADDled brain. Also, he's been criticized by some with short attention spans for using too many similes, adjectives, etc... being altogether too wordy. But! I love it. It just adds to the whole experience and makes the book seem more understandable and real.

While I do occasionally read up on my hero, Mr. Koontz, I was after something specific today...

I have been wanting to start a new blog. One specifically for reviewing books that I read. And, I wanted to keep it in the same vein as my other two, the mistress of the dorkness and the love dorkter. Meaning, for the dense, that I wanted to have the work 'Dork' in it.

So, I've been brainstorming, with other CADdie friends of my ilk, and a fellow female-blogger, Trisha.

The only idea I'd previously come up with was 'Reading in the Dork Ages' (as advanced as we are, how many of us truly immerse ourselves in the consumption of great literature! no, we'd rather be on the computer, or watching tv, or playing video games... I'm generalizing, but, not by much).

Trisha did suggest 'Dorktionary' or 'Dorkworm', which I did think were pretty cool (if you're a nerd like me!).

But, during the brainstorming session with my ilk, the idea for something based on one of my favorite author's titles would be acceptable came up... so, in addition to checking out my bookshelf full of Dean Koontz novels, I went in search of any titles which I don't currently own.

Here are my dorkified titles so far:

Dork Rivers of the Heart
The Eyes of Dorkness
The Dork to December
One Dork Away from Heaven
The Dork of Summer
A Dorkness in My Soul
Dork of the Woods
Dork Symphony
Down in the Dorkness

Now, while all of the above thoughts are great dorky titles, I do want to reflect the fact that the site will be about books. Reading. Literature. Reviewing/summarizing books.

I'd happily take any suggestions and/or comments?


jojolee said...

I am also a fan of Dean Koontz, and that is a great idea you have!
I love the titles...
How about-


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Koontz, and read almost all his books through Jr high, until I realized they all had the same plot.

My Favorite was Watchers, Dorkers by your naming convention.
I will to this day pick it up and reread it from time to time, typically in an evening. (3-5 hours)

and we must not forget Dorkfires.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

I'd say more 'underlying theme' than same plot. they all start out with someone ostracized, who either makes it back into mainstream society, or finds their niche where they fit perfectly. whether that is a supernatural screwball comedy thriller, science fiction, murder-mystery or romance plot, I would say that the overall theme remains the same from genre to genre.
Might be why I like his work so much.

Watchers is definitely one of my favorites, too. What kid (or adult) doesn't dream about that?

Dark Rivers of the Heart and From the Corner of His Eye, are my two favorites, followed closely by Watchers and Lightning. But, I love most of them, and have reread all but a couple of his novels.

Anonymous said...

I will have to dig my books out,
I used to know his formula,
(because the love scenes typically happend at roughly the same points (within 5-10 pages) in a book. the same with critical turns in the charactor's world)

This was true for Shadow fires, Lightning, Midnight and The Bad Place.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

~interested~ really? wow, I figured he was a little anal retentive, but, an actual like set thing like how far into the book the characters develop is reocurring? That's cool, and certainly something I'd never noticed.