Test Drive Your Dream Job

I just came across this site from a blogging buddy, and I thought, wow, is this not the neatest idea ever! Vocation Vacation! From the front page of the site:

Let's face it, most of us spend the majority of our waking moments at work -- and yet few of us are actually doing work that we're passionate about. But who says it has to be that way?

At VocationVacations®, we believe "work" can be much, much more than just a four-letter word. That's why we've made it our business to offer you the chance to test-drive your dream job -- completely risk-free! No need to quit your day job. No need to tell the boss. Just spend a couple days on a VocationVacation, working one-on-one with a VocationVacations Mentor, to see what your dream job is really like.

You can take a VocationVacation to truly explore a career change, to sample the “road not taken” or to enjoy a fun, unique learning experience!

Isn't that Fantastic? Well, depending on where you're at... in Missouri, I could pay $600 to spend two days being mentored by a photographer. That would be really cool to experience. If I decide to go to illinois I have the choice of 5 mentoring possibilities (dog training, photography, hotel general manager... ooor chocolatier/pastry chef). Now, if you don't care where you have to travel to, why not try... Film Production in New York, or Songwriting/Music Publishing in Tennessee!

How fun would it be to just slip into your dream job to try it on for size! Heck, there are even 8 opportunities across the countries to try your hand at being a Brewmaster! Woohoo! ;)

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