Review: iPod to PC transfer

Review: Ipod to PC transfers

Since I got my new laptop, I wanted to backup my iTunes music library onto the hardrive. While examining the options in iTunes, I couldn't figure how to accomplish this. After a quick Google search, I discovered that I'm not blind, you really can't do this. I assume this is a licensing thing, or a piracy prevention-method.

In order to transfer your iPod music library to your PC, you'll need to download an application to handle things. There are evidently many options out there, but a great list can be found on About.com. Some of these programs will require you to purchase a license.

I'm trying an application called iPodRip. This is advertised as providing recovery of playlists and supports song information (including ratings, play count, last played, etc), viewing and copying of playlists. You can download an unrestricted trial copy (1.1mb d/l), and a full license is $14.95 . You'll be allowed 10 uses before activation is required (to the multi-lingual, if you work with them in translating iPodRip, they'll provide you with a license). (iTunes must be installed on your machine already).


blads said...

New laptop??? Married life must be good for you ;)

Anonymous said...

I still buy my music on Cd's, the old fashioned way. After hassles with DRM (Sony Sonicstage corrupted database after software update) just I don't trust DRM software's ability to legitimately transfer licenced content between hardware.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Yep... I don't think our custody arrangement with one pc would have lasted long. lol. ;)
Married life is, in fact, very good to me. We're all settled in and enjoying ourselves.

It is pretty rare that I buy cd's. I usually only want one or two songs and just can't justify additional clutter or slightly higher cost (although I do understand where you're coming from on the hassle part).

Powerstream said...

I use a program called YamiPod. Its free and does a great job. It actually can replace using the iTunes software. You don't have to install it and it very small file size. You can store it on the ipod and run it from there. So it will work on any computer. You can create playlists and transfer songs back and forth from the iPod


Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Sweet Brother Glenn, I appreciate a personal review. It looks neat, I'll have to check into it! :)

James said...

Why not using Aniosoft iPod Music Backup for transferring music from ipod to pc? It can auto search new music in iPod and backup it.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...


That one sounds pretty cool! Thanks for the link.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

YamIpod is GREAT.

It was really easy to use.

Enable your iPod for disk use, put the file on, and away you go... and it's free.

So, yeah, YamIpod is awesome.