New Playground, Grand Canyon Skywalk, Excel (97) Header Row

Well, it snuck up on me, but, it's FALL now! Wow. Just took my 2 1/2 year old out trick or treating for the first time (at the mall). I almost passed on it again this year, as I figure he's too young to know what he'd be missing, and I don't really give him candy very often anyway. But! after he thanked me for taking him to the park and zoo, etc, I just had to. I bought him a pirate costume and away we went! He was just wide-eyed with wonder no matter what he was handed; a tootsie roll, a coupon, stickers, shampoo samples... lol. Nothing has ever felt so good as noticing the light in his eyes seeing our favorite mall turned into a halloween wonderland with decorations and hundreds of kids dressed as everything from lobsters to elmo. He didn't actually eat any candy that day. He just kept looking at it, putting it piece-by-piece into and out of his bag (then, after that wore out, I gave him a box, and almost a week later, he can still amuse himself by doing that). What a wonderful experience for the both of us. Something new for him, and a renewed sense of wonder for myself.
We played hookie one day this week, and I took him out to the zoo and to play at the park to enjoy this wonderful weather.
Laundry can wait.

In the news! Forest Park has recently completed building an 'all-inclusive playground', a place where children with handicaps can play along side the rest of the kids. Hopefully this will foster a sense of understanding and acceptance by children and their parents, seeing that those with handicaps are pretty much just like them, as well as a feeling of belonging for the ones who normally can't play on most playgrounds. Excellent work to all of those involved, including St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Check out the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Wow! (I snoped it, it's twue, it's twue!) I don't think I would feel comfortable walking out on that, but, it seems to have some pretty impressive specs on it.
Nothing but a glass bottom and sides
Glass is supported by steel beams
Accommodates up to 120 people at a time
Can hold up to 72 million pounds
Can withstand 100 mph winds coming from 8 different directions
Can survive earthquakes up to 8.0 in magnitude Admission is $25

Working with Excel (97, not sure if that makes a difference) spreadsheets with an obscene amount of data, I have my forumlas below the data, and I can't see my header rows! So, I select the row BELOW the one(s) I want to be able to see, then go to the Window pulldown and select 'Freeze Panes', and I can scroll down and still keep my titles visible.
This also works vertically, if you select a cell below and to the right of the content you want to remain visible.

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