Another Day at AU

Where has the time gone?!?!?!
Been busy all day. Was up till 3am (shhhh, don't tell my boss!), but, I was one of the few up that late who made it to class on time... if at all. It was good, at least the first half.
The first half was going over the way MAPguide is used for FM, but, the 2nd half was a little over my head, so I went to 'work' in the AUGI booth. I tried hard to look clueless, but, kept being asked for help anyway. Lots of new members which was great. Reminds me of AU2001 at the beer bash when I first became an AUGI member, now, 5 AU's later, I'm helping others get signed up. It's really cool. I didn't take the Top DAUG contest, but, encouraged many others who are smarter than myself to do so.

My better half (aka, Board Member, Mike Perry) has been working tirelessly and I only see him a few minutes a day. ~rolls eyes~ ;) Don't get used to this AUGI, it won't last once he's legally mine. So very sorry.

I'm being shooed out again, more later. Time for the ladies night out. Thanks so much to my good friend and such a sweetheart, Jane Smith for the lovely bachelorette gifts. This is awesome. :)


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