From Help: Sets the content of the sample text displayed at the cursor location when the MTEXT command is started. The text string is displayed in the current text size and font. You can enter any string of up to ten letters or numbers or enter . (period) to display no sample text.

From Help: (although my nagging memory says I've already posted this, sorry if I'm repeating myself)
Suppresses display of the Object Selected Is Not a Polyline prompt in PEDIT. The prompt is followed by “Do you want it to turn into one?” Entering y converts the selected object to a polyline. When the prompt is suppressed, the selected object is automatically converted to a polyline.
The prompt is displayed
The prompt is suppressed

From Express Tools Help: Aligns text, mtext and block attribute objects to new orientation.
Rotates text, mtext, and attribute definition objects so that they end up being as close as possible to horizontal or right-read (similar to the behavior of dimension text). Objects are rotated about their middle point in 180-degree increments. For example, if the text is upside-down, it becomes right-side up after a TORIENT operation. Similarly, left-read text becomes right-read text. The overall object location is not changed. As an option, you can specify a new absolute orientation angle for all selected text objects.

Microsoft Access 97: Any database managers out there who work with Access? You know that picture you have to look at while the program takes forever to boot up?
You can replace that with an image of your choice. All you have to do is place a .bmp of the same name as the database file into the same directory.
So, I rename ViggoM.bmp to PlansIndex.bmp, and I get to look at my fave lotr actor while I wait for Access to open.

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Great Access Tip