AU 2005 and AU Handouts from 2000-2004

Alright, it's almost that time again. Orlando here I come! There are some great classes for FM this year, and it looks like there will be an after-hours mixer for Facilities Management CADdies... that's rolling out the red carpet for sure.

I will be there the whole time, so come up and say 'hi'! Unless you're a salesperson/representing a service company, then, only say 'hi' if you have a gift to give me.
Even if you are not an AUGI member, stop by the AUGI annual meeting monday night, and the AUGI beer bash afterwards. There is a lot of good stuff for everyone to see/learn there! This is when we do the official handover of the AUGI wishlists to Autodesk representatives, and there are typically some software giveaways as well.

If you've not been to Autodesk University (first of all, shame on your boss for their lack of training budget!), be sure to check out the AUGI website for class handouts from previous years.


Glen said...


I came across your Blog through the AUGI web site and I hope you don’t mind that I am sending something through to you.

Before I get to my question, let me give you a little bit about my background.

I am currently the Corporate CAD Manager for a very large Multi-Disciplined firm located here in the Mid-West. We have 5 offices located through out the region, including one there in St. Louis and I am required to travel there from time to time. It is my job to over see all of the drafting and design standards and to make sure they are being implemented in the fashion that I have established. It is also my responsibility to provide continuing education for our employees as well as make sure we are up-to-date with the latest and greatest of technology.

Prior to this position I have worked for a large firm in Washington D.C. as well as for a Firm in Portland, Oregon. During this time, I also took on the responsibility of teaching for a community college on the West Coast. Basically what I did was work at the firm during the day and taught at night. It was from this position that I have begun studying our industry, from both the education side as well as the market side. Meaning, where we have been, where we are headed and where we are going. So in short…I am an AutoCAD dork and I think that is why I found your Blog name quite amusing.

Now on to my question.

Over the past 5-6 years I have been watching and observing the people we have been interviewing for positions. We have people that come through our door that seem very knowledgeable and for the most part they seem to fit in rather well. On the flip to this, I have been noticing that we are getting more and more students that are looking for a position that just do not have a clue as to what is going on in the real world and I have been seeing that it’s getting worse as time goes on.

When a person sits in front of me and they present to me their “Portfolio” with grades, I can honestly say that I am impressed….with their grades, not their portfolio. What I am seeing more and more of, are 3-D dancing Aliens, Very high-end computer graphic type presentations as well as top of the line renderings. I can not say that they are horrible, because they are not. These students worked long and hard to produce these types of things and they should be proud of what they have done. However, they are not practical.

When I do finally hire someone and get them trained, off they go. Is it because of me? No, it’s because they were so frustrated at the industry and what they learned in school that they decide that their degree is worth nothing and they move on to something else.

With all of that in mind and it’s clear that there is more to it than what I am writing here, but could you give me your thoughts as to what you see and what you hear? I will be attending AU in Orlando this year and while I’m there, I’m really going to brush some elbows to see what other people are seeing.

Thank you for you time…

Glen Hines

Glen said...

I forgot to give you my e-mail


Thanks again

Glen Hines

gletham Communications said...

Hi all, regarding AU here's a reminder, I attend loads of trade shows every year and something I always to is publish my photoblog. This year's AU will be no exception. You can find our AU photoblog at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gisuser/sets/ - going back last year you can see our AU 2004 photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gisuser/sets/500145/