Mtext Editor

I saw a question in the CAD Manager's list of WAUN (there's still email based support for AutoCAD!) about the MText editor, so I thought I'd throw a quick post up here about it.

Personally, I haven't used it much since testing the new one (which is really nice, lots of functions, bulleting, etc which didn't used to be there).
Very Valuable Variable!

Okay, so, MTEXTFIXED used to allow you to set the size of the text editor box, but, that doesn't work anymore. Now, with the in-place text editing, things that are small on the screen are nearly impossible to edit.

So, if you want to return to the old MText editor type MTEXTED, then OldEditor.
To set it back to the new one, MTEXTED, then Internal.
I believe there are other ways of doing that, setting other mtext editors external to AutoCAD, but, I haven't used any other methods myself.

Oh, and any FM people, make a special trip up to the Autodesk Discussion Groups and talk about what you don't know. (psst, that's Facilities Management for the uninitiated...)


Anonymous said...

So this is your place on the big old web? nice but I would of left the walls unpaited I like the looks of natural drywall.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

~grins~ Yep, this is my place (don't mind the toys everywhere)...

See, you just shouldn't post anonomously like that... ;) I don't know whether or not I should feel comfortable poking fun at you.

Unknown said...

I am using ACAD 2004 and have messed up some menu settings, and possibly some search path settings as well. My problems began when I tried to arc align text. I got an error message - error loading file ctextapp.arx. I started playing around with my menu settings and haven't been able to solve the problem and, in fact, have created more. Now, I can't get my design center to load, can't type in MTEXT, etc. Any suggestions?