uh-oh, blast to the past, inventions, Color bug and Job Searching

Blast to the Past
Seriously, I did pull out an old binder that has some cad resources in it, like from the old email-based AUGI guilds. When someone would bring up a topic I needed, I would print it out and put in this binder, and also, when I came across a long and involved help topic in AutoCAD or MS Access, I would do the same.
Looking over some of these topics is interesting. It's strange thinking about some of the workarounds in older releases (attribute extraction, anyone?).

Color Bug
Here's something I've seen come up a couple of times on AUGI and the Autodesk Discussion Groups...
Just a heads up, if you're experiencing it, you're not alone. Evidently, sometimes a REGEN will cure this, but, most of the time, you'll have to close out your drawing and reopen it.

Let's talk about job searches... what is the best place to go to find job postings

AUGI now has a Career Corner where you can post Job Offers or Requests. Do remember that these are for specific job openings, not a place to advertise a business. If you want to do that, contact the AUGIworld staff.

Autodesk has a Classifieds forum. I believe that just about anything goes here (except conversation, you must provide contact info in your posts, and replies are to be made offline) from offers, to advertisements to equipment sales.
Also, if you think getting a paper is a hassle, or you are moving a distance and don't have access to hard copies, don't forget to check for online versions. 
My local paper (the St. Louis Post Dispatch) keeps classified ads from the past month on their website, these ads are from the PD, as well as from the Suburban Journal. So, don't forget what a valuable resource those could be!

Wondering about what you should expect for a salary?
Of course, the first place to go would be to the AUGIworld annual salary survey archives. They have the best person to tabulate the surveys... okay... they have the one person who was actually goofy enough to accept the task... but, you believe what you need to.
Another place to go is Salary.com

I'd love to hear any other suggestions!

I love people who invent!
It's amazing how people can create or improve things that just change the way that our world works... and then there are those that I appreciate for purely entertaining reasons.

My hospital has a couple of gift shops, and seasonal products are featured in a display case outside of the cafeteria. Let me tell you, I saw something which will NOT be drawing me in. What did I see? A battery-powered marshmallow toaster. Follow that link to see the picture... ok... I'll admit that fire is dangerous... buuuut... I just can't see how much safer an implement with three metal prongs can be???

What is the battery for? Well to perfectly rotate the three marshmallows... so you can heat up 3 at once... right... like removing one hot, sticky substance from a stick (how quickly do you think this metal cools?) with a couple of graham crackers is going to be easy, now you have three... so you can burn one of your hands on the 2nd and 3rd marshmallows.

So, anyone else seen any pointless inventions?
Here's another, I just don't get, off the top of my head... the Eggstractor.

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