Exchanging Large Files?

My email account in my office allows me to receive any size of file, but, I'm only allowed to send out files up to 4mb... in the instances that I've needed to send out slightly larger files, I use my yahoo based email account (my yahoo.com, gatewayaug.com and icadc.com emailed addresses are all hosted by yahoo... so, if you've ever expected an email from me and not gotten it... tell your filters not to be so snobby), which will send up to 10mb.
Edit: Gmail is now my program of choice for this.


But, if you need to send out files larger than what your email client is capable of handling, you might want to explore some other options.

As always, google is your best friend if you want to search for a free file sharing site, or a free ftp site.

Or, hearing about sites from other people...

Dropload is a place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 7 days, regardless if they have been picked up or not. You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, docs, pdfs, up to 100MB each! Recipients can be anyone with an email address


Choose who you want to send a file to. It can be anyone with an email address. You can specify multiple email addresses separated by commas.

Select a file to send. You can send photos, audio, documents or anything else. Your file will be stored by YouSendIt without ever filling up your recipient's mailbox. Send Large Files Up to 1000MB.

Click on Send. YouSendIt will automatically email your recipient a link to your file stored on our server. Your file will be deleted after seven days.

No passwords to share, no software to install, no accounts to create, and no full mailboxes.

So, everyone share, share, share to your heart's content...


Anonymous said...

Before using any site like this, check their policies on what they do with the sender's and recipient's email addresses that you have to provide. Many of these sites will "share" those email addresses.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Right you are!

before giving any site your (AND YOUR FRIENDS'!!!) email address, it is a good idea to check out their privacy policies... and decide if it is worth it... thanks for the reminder.

also, as so many people do, you could always use a free email address such as hotmail or yahoo for things like this, so your regular account doesn't get flooded with junk. I find that yahoo does really well with filtering out the junk anyway...

Anonymous said...

You can also try palshare
They allow you to upload complete folders and files and it also zips your files during uploading so the download process is really easy and fast. Seems to work really well.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

There are a host of new services in this market:


even apple's iCloud, Amazon's storage service, and, I believe I heard Autodesk also offers some cloud storage for subscription customers.

What's your service of choice?