Archibus Task Highlighting in the Process Navigator

I've started rolling out new processes in our Lease module, after upgrading to Archibus v21.2. I have kept the newer items separated from the familiar, in an effort not to confuse or cold bath my users. However, there is one form which is replacing some antiquated (read: effective but unsupported) custom work and it needs more urgent attention. So, once again my friend, James Castruccio, to the rescue with seasoned advice.
He suggested that I slip the new form in with the other most-used ones, but, subtly highlighted, so that the team (who are all VERY busy right now with active projects) might be nudged to check it out more often and suggest any necessary changes.

So, he asks me, do you know HTML?
Sure, took a class on it in high school and have used it over the years in my work with www.augi.com . Turns out, you can very easily apply basic formatting to our tasks (see my post here for a rundown of how Archibus WebCentral is organized: http://mistressofthedorkness.blogspot.com/2014/03/archibus-processes-users-and-roles.html ) to highlight a new or important item.

As the System Administrator, I drill down into Archibus System Administration > System Integrator > Process Dictionary > View Task by Process and Activity. 
From there, I select the necessary Application, then my Process, so I can see the associated Tasks. 
Press Edit to get the above dialog, then, in the Task* field, I just bracket my Task title with the applicable html tags.
In this case: 
<font color="yellow">Lease Details Form</font>

So their new form shows up in the Process Navigator thusly:

This has worked well, I've gotten more direct feedback in the past two days than I had in the prior three weeks of written and verbal requests to check out the new stuff.

You could change a few things, Font style, height, etc. This type of formatting can also be done through the desktop client. 
I'll be checking out the Help file for more ideas when I have some time.

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